Shaping Ritual – The Amphorae of Ghul Nathor

October 15, 2016

The Amphorae of Ghul Nathor

Once upon a time, in the deepest recesses of the First Age, a powerful sorcerer named Ghul Nathor came face-to-face with his own mortality.  Even with potent anagathics and anti-aging treatments, he saw the end of his life spiraling toward him.  Though he tried every spell he could find, every ritual, every bargain with any demon he could conjure, he could no more stop the march of time than he could Exalt himself.

Desperate and in his final days, Ghul Nathor devised a way to cheat death in a manner of speaking.  Splitting his Essence, he stored his sorcerous puissance in thirteen separate canopic jars, each one bearing one thirteenth of his very life force.  Though the act of casting this sorcerous working brought his life to an end, he felt he would live on through those who discovered and opened his amphorae.

You have claimed one of the thirteen Amphorae of Ghul Nathor for your own, opening the jar and letting the sorcerous power of an ancient wizard inhabit your body.  In a serpentine plume of smoke, the Essence of Ghul Nathor has suffused you, leaving more than a hint of the ancient sorcerer to live on within you.  In exchange, your own chakras have been awakened, and the path to sorcery has been opened before you.

Shaping Rituals

The sorcerer may open her Essence pathways to the sorcerer’s spirit dwelling within her, funneling the ancient knowledge of Ghul Nathor into her Shape Sorcery action.  Once per scene, the sorcerer may activate this shaping ritual, gaining the higher of (her Essence or 3) sorcerous motes.  These motes remain available to the sorcerer until she spends them or chooses to release them, even across multiple scenes.  However, while the sorcerer has these motes available and unspent, and in any scene where she activates this ritual, she gains a Minor Principle of “Spread the legend of Ghul Nathor.”  Furthermore, each time she activates this ritual while she still possesses this Principle, it increases in intensity, from Minor to Major, and then from Major to Defining.  When this Principle is held at the Defining intensity, this ritual cannot be used to gather more sorcerous motes.

Other Benefits

Spectral Tutor (Merit * or ***) – The spirit of Ghul Nathor serves as an intellectual gateway through which the sorcerer can tap into the wizard’s ancient knowledge.  At the one-dot level, this Merit allows the sorcerer to act as though she has a teacher for the Lore and Occult Abilities.  At the three-dot level, it provides this benefit as well as functioning as a tutor for any Terrestrial Circle spells the Storyteller chooses.  At a minimum, it should include all Terrestrial Circle spells from the Core rulebook.

Ancient Library (Merit **) – The amphorae themselves are covered in ancient hieroglyphs containing lost knowledge from the First Age.  When a sorcerer with this Merit attempts to introduce or challenge a fact about the First Age, she may re-roll up to (Essence) failed dice on the roll.


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