Sorcerous Initiation of Cecaelia

July 5, 2016

Sorcery, in 3E, has changed significantly.  Not only do you now draw motes in from the environment rather than spending your own to power spells, the various sorcery Charms now come with their own benefits, including a free spell, countermagic, and something called a “shaping ritual.”  Shaping rituals are varied and special ways each sorcerer has of pulling motes from thin air in a more flavorful or limited fashion than simple Shape Sorcery actions.  They also often unlock special Merits (which are the new Backgrounds).

As an example, below is a Shaping Ritual of Cecaelia, the Heartless Sentinel.  Most sorcerous initiations allow the choice from one of three Shaping Rituals, but for this example I’ve only created the one.  It’s drawn heavily from combinations of effects in the core book, and it references Merits from the core without duplicating their text, so to get the full benefit of it, you’ll need the core book!

Bargain with Cecaelia

Mara is not the only demon to offer sorcerous initiation.  You have met the demon Cecaelia, the many-tentacled keeper of the depths who eschews all love and reads the future in the depths of Kimbery.  You may have met her as she traveled through Creation’s oceans or seen her face in your nightmares – perhaps you even summoned her yourself to make your bargain.  Through cunning, charisma, or pleasing offerings, you have made a pact with her, taking the power of the Heartless Sentinel for your own.

Shaping Ritual

Like Cecaelia herself, the sorcerer draws power from the sea.  The sorcerer may gain two sorcerous motes each turn while immersed in the ocean.  Being merely on the open ocean still offers some power, allowing her to gain (Essence) motes at the start of the scene but not on any subsequent turns.  Taking damage from an ocean-based environmental hazard gives her five motes per level of damage.  These motes last for the duration of the scene.

Other Benefits

Infernal Nobility (Merit *) – See the Ex3 core book, p. 467

Infernal Visitation (Merit **): Cecaelia appears in the sorcerer’s nightmares, feeding her with fragments of knowledge from Kimbery’s hidden depths.  Once per story, the sorcerer’s player may declare that she is visited by Cecaelia in a dream while sleeping.  She does not recover Willpower from that sleep, but receives some significant benefit determined by the Storyteller – tutelage in a new spell in a single night, double 9s on all Shape Sorcery actions for the next day, the service of a First Circle demon as a gift from Cecaelia, or something similar.  She also wakes with a Minor Principle of “I must not love,” or strengthens that Intimacy if she already possesses it.

Demonic Tattoos: As the Demonic Tattoos benefit from Bargain with Mara on p. 467 of Exalted, save that Cecaelia’s tattoos allow the sorcerer to manipulate or gain power from the seas, alter his control spell to incorporate elements of the ocean or ocean life, or manipulate or empower summoned demons, such as by enhancing them with oceanic mutations.


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