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First Edition Crunch

December 21, 2011

The First Edition of Exalted suffered from a number of mechanical problems, not least of which being it wasn’t Second Edition.  However, in the transition, there were a number of interesting mechanical bitz that got left on the cutting room floor.  I have taken it upon myself to update those items below.  None of these are original works, and are all updated from White Wolf’s First Edition Exalted supplements.


Hook Daiklaves of Dual Prowess (Artifact 3)

These hooked swords are always found and used in pairs.  Their hilts and sheathes are jet black, but their blades can be made of any of the Magical Materials.  While each blade is, individually, a potent weapon, when wielded together, they make the wielder significantly less vulnerable in combat.  They function as Hook Daiklaves (Scroll of the Monk, p. 159), and suffer no off-hand penalty for wielding them paired.  Additionally, they reduce the standard DV penalties for taking attack- or defense-based actions by one, to a minimum of zero.  Therefore, a character who made a single attack would suffer no DV penalty, while a character who made a flurry of three attacks would suffer only a -2 DV penalty instead of the usual -3.  Each daiklave has a setting for a Hearthstone.

Spider Grippers (Artifact 3)

This item consists of a set of boots, gloves, elbow pads, and kneepads that allow a character to cling to walls and other surfaces like a spider.  The character can take Move or Dash actions at normal speed on vertical or inverted surfaces, and can move up even perfectly smooth surfaces such as the glass First Age buildings of Chiaroscuro without a roll.  They also permit a character to move on or jump onto slender or slick surfaces without risk of falling.  While using this item, the character can fight without penalty while climbing.  The Spider Grippers require a commitment of three motes to function.


Fish-Swimming Technique

Cost: 3 motes; Mins: Athletics 2, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm ensures the Exalt perfectly succeeds on any Athletics roll to swim.  He swims at his normal Move speed and, while he cannot breathe water or hold his breath any longer than normal, will never drown as long as he has access to at least pockets of air, no matter how rough his environment might be.

Swift Water Prana

Cost: 6 motes; Mins: Athletics 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious

Duration: Indefinite

Prerequisite Charms: Fish-Swimming Technique

The Exalt can swim at double her Move speed and can hold her breath for (Stamina x 10) minutes.  Each success on a reflexive (Stamina + Resistance) roll increases this duration by another ten minutes.

Death-Revealing Method

Cost: 3 motes; Mins: Investigation 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Crafty Observation Method

By touching a weapon, the character can instantly determine the appearance of the person who was last killed by it, as well as the appearance of the wielder (if any).  Similarly, if used on a corpse (or even a fragment of bone or hair), the character can get an image of the person while she was alive and will know both her name and exactly how she died.

Impassable Portal Technique

Cost: 3 motes; Mins: Larceny 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: (Essence) hours

Prerequisite Charms: Lock-Opening Touch

Sometimes, closing a door can be as important as opening one.  The Solar activates this Charm when closing a door and makes a reflexive (Wits + Larceny) roll.  For the duration of the Charm, that door cannot be opened by mundane means, unless the opener can succeed at a (Dexterity + Larceny) roll with an external penalty of the Solar’s successes.  This functions even if the door in question does not have a lock, though if it does, even the key will not open it.  If a perfect effect, such as Lock-Opening Touch, contests this, the Solar adds his Essence in automatic successes to the subsequent (Wits + Larceny) roll-off.

Dual-Slaying Stance

Cost: 1 mote; Mins: Melee 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: One tick

Prerequisite Charms: Any Melee Excellency

Activating this Charm negates one point of multiple action penalties.  At Essence 4, its Duration automatically upgrades to One Action.  At Essence 5, it no longer counts as Charm activation.

Sun-and-Moon Method

Cost: None; Mins: Melee 4, Essence 3; Type: Permanent

Keywords: Martial-ready

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Dual-Slaying Stance

This Charm permanently reduces the defense penalty caused by the Solar taking an Attack action by one when using the Melee Ability.

Martial-ready: Martial Arts


Exalted: Modern – Crunch from a Twilight Caste

December 20, 2011

One of my players, who has intermittently gone by the Internet handle “Waltermandias,” is playing a Twilight Caste in my game.  He has found himself to be a particularly capable hacker, since computer use is governed by Lore.  Rather than simply accept this as a side-effect, he has designed a Lore Charm to help with the hacking process.  He also created a device that slices matter into monomolecular sheets and permits them to be handled… and, incidentally, thrown.  Behold, the fruits of a Twilight Caste!

Digital Barrier Permeation Technique

Cost: 3m; Mins: Lore 3, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-OK

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

To the Solar Exalted, mundane defenses such as antivirus software and firewalls are laughable.  This Charm enhances a miscel­laneous action to hack a computer system. The Solar communicates via a complex programming code with the little god of the security system.  He exerts his unassailable authority, making success automatic. If this effect is opposed by another Charm or magical effect, add the character’s Essence in automatic successes to the (Wits + Lore) roll to oppose the rival magic.

Fine Atomic Tachyon Emission (F.A.T.E.) Render (Artifact 3)

This device takes the form of a glove, composed mostly of one of the Magical Materials.  The fingers and palm are covered with unusual protruberances and sockets, some of which emit faint force vectors, and some of which create tiny vacuums.  In tandem, they can slice materials into single-molecule wide sheets.  While this reduces the object by too little to ever damage it, the sheets can be extremely useful as components or materials for various crafting projects.  However, as a side effect, the sheets can be hurled by the wearer of the Render to devastating effect.  Non-magical armor provides no soak against the Thrown discs, and non-magical weapons used to parry the discs are destroyed, as per Beam Weapons in Manual of Exalted Power: Alchemicals.

Speed: 5          Accuracy: +3       Damage: +6L        Rate: 3          Range: 50       Mins: Dex 3, Thrown 3         Attune: 8m     Tags: P


Conversation on the Unconquered Sun

December 7, 2011

This just came to my attention a little earlier, and while it’s not immediately relevant, it is relevant to Exalted, both specifically to the Unconquered Sun and to the themes of Exalted in general.  The link below features a discussion between Michael Goodwin (aka Nephilpal) and John Morke (aka hatewheel), both freelance designers for the Exalted line, and both instrumental to the development of the Unconquered Sun as presented in Glories of the Most High.   I recommend it to those curious about Exalted metaphysics, game design, and how to apply specific mechanics to a broader theme.  Please enjoy!