Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Ten

November 14, 2011

All fictional.

Latest Report Indicates Vatican Disturbance was Self-Inflicted

Last week, the Vatican released a report indicating that representatives from the Independent Protectorate of Itzlan assaulted Vatican guards and stole several important religious items from the Vatican itself.  Latest reports, released by individuals within the United States government, indicate that the perpetrators were not, in fact, representatives from Itzlan but were rogue agents of the Vatican itself.  More damning evidence suggests that they had previously been employed by the Vatican as religious assassins, though the Catholic Church has long denied any such organizations.  The reply from the Vatican has been described as “apoplectic,” and has officially denounced both the report and the Independent Protectorate as “Anathema-manipulated tripe.”

Angola Announces Space Program

The Republic of Angola, still recovering from a recent military coup, has released reports of a new space program with the intent of reaching the moon.  Though the nation lacks significant educational or even governmental infrastructure, the reports do indicate that it has at least one functioning space shuttle and the means of launching and recovering the shuttle once its trip is completed.  Independent investigation by the media-active protectorate of Itzlan has confirmed these reports.  The U.N. has openly condemned such “frivolous” use of resources, though the current warlord of Angola, calling himself the Bull of Angola, has assured representatives that the space program is not depriving the nation’s economic and social programs of any funding.  The announcement follows a similar announcement from Japan, as well as a renewal of the space program from the United States with a manned mission to the moon planned for an indeterminate date.

Alien Structures Appear on Moon

Scientists at NASA reported earlier than an unusual, apparently man-made series of structures have begun appearing on the lunar surface.  Initial investigation is made difficult, but the report suggests that the structures are some manner of pre-fabricated settlement, conforming to basic requirements of human life.  Though electronic scans have been inconclusive, NASA experts have indicated that a vessel similar in appearance to the alien vessel that appeared over Mexico City earlier this year was sighted near these structures.  Whether it is the same vessel or a new visitor has yet to be confirmed.

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Siberian Village

A seismic sinkhole has erased a Siberian administrative center from the Russian map, geologists say.  Bolshoy Uluy, the administrative center of the Bolsheuluysky district in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, was literally swallowed by the seismic activity early Wednesday morning.  Investigators have produced a preliminary report, noting specifically that no such seismic activity was predicted or even likely.  No survivors have been found, and, according to the report, none are suspected.  Investigators were unable to measure the depth of the sinkhole, though their initial readings suggest it is more than a mile across, making it the largest recorded sinkhole in the world.  Reports suggest the sinkhole is a perfect geometric circle, with smooth sides and no visible bottom.  Noted geologists from the International Union of Geological Sciences have not been able to provide any explanation for this event.


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  1. Neat. This calls to mind the good old days of Aberrant. Specifically, it calls to mind the sense of wonder and transition in the world without the overwhelming Elder problem that game had.

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