Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Eight

October 24, 2011

All fictional.

Thirty-Two Dead in Drug-Related Shootout

Thirty-two alleged methamphetamine producers, distributers, and dealers were fatally wounded and ten more left critically injured after a shootout with a U.S. Marshal Thursday evening.  According to local authorities, a 911 call came from a pay phone near an abandoned warehouse, tipping authorities to the presence of the drug dealers.  A small contingent of local police led by a U.S. Marshal stormed the facility, weathering a hail of gunfire from the alleged producers.  The Marshal, who declined to be named, is credited with twenty-nine of the killings and six of the injuries, as well as actions that saved the lives of his fellow authorities.  None of the law enforcement officials suffered more than cosmetic injuries.

Israeli Government Denies Involvement in Nearby Regulations

Egyptian officials reported pro-Israeli legislation moving through the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Wednesday, making Egpyt the fourth and last of Israel’s neighbors to pass such progressive and ground-breaking legislation in the last month.  Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan have all loosened trade and immigration laws as concerning Israel, released political prisoners without compensation, and opened negotiations for treaties involving religious conflict and military non-involvement with Israel.  In each nation, important officials have disappeared without trace immediately after legislation was passed with their support.  Officially, Israel denies any involvement, but Egypt has increased security around Chairman Tantawi in preparation for an attempt on his life.

New York, Washington Agree to Temporary Cease Fire

A temporary cease fire was negotiated between military officials in Washington and the insurgent forces in New York City this evening, as leaders from both camps met for a diplomatic negotiation.  New York has been under seige by the United States National Guard ever since a local criminal organization began a riot that has lasted for six months.  Forces within the city seem unnaturally well organized and well armed, and both the local police and S.W.A.T. teams were unable to contain the apparent revolution.  However, those involved describe initial discussions as “promising,” and hopes are high that a diplomatic solution can be reached.

Explosions Rock Toronto CN Tower

The CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, was rocked by a series of explosions early this morning, an attack that sent debris flying nearly three miles and resulted in at least twelve fataltities and more than two dozen critically injured.  The Tower itself was severely damaged, and experts estimate that repairs will take more than two years to complete.  The assailant is believed to be the same individual who attacked the Space Needle in Seattle earlier this year.  Local authorities have no leads.


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