Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Seven

October 10, 2011

All fictional.

Lone Madman Fires Rocket at Alien Spaceship

Mexico City was the site of a crazed attacker today, when a lone assailant fired a personal rocket device at the extraterrestrial craft hovering over the city.  The craft appeared to sustain damage from the assault before the assailant was subdued.  After the attack, the vessel disappeared from radar and sonar and left Mexico City.  It has not yet been sighted again, nor has there been any public communication from the vessel regarding its intent.  Military authorities have not released specifics regarding the incident, but they do assure the general public that the assailant is in custody.  Speculation about whether or not the assailant was one of the Exalted remains unconfirmed.

Thirty-Two Arrested in U.S. Government Sweep

Thirty-two government officials were arrested Tuesday during what is being called the most thorough and effective sweep of the Department of the Interior in its history.  Charges ranged from embezzlement to fraud to treason, and spared no level of the Department’s bureaucracy.  Twelve aides, four clerks, five administrators, and two Assistant Secretaries were among those employees taken into custody.  Secretary Ken Salazar heaped praise upon the internal investigators responsible for the arrests, though unofficial and unconfirmed rumors suggest the agency had assistance from an outside source.  Arraignments are expected to be held over the course of the next month. 

Protesters in Crimea Declare Risen Amazon Nation

More than forty female protesters in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea today declared their nation a home and refuge to mistreated women from around the world.  Their leader, a woman who identifies herself only as “Scythia,” denounced various American, Yemenite, and African customs regarding women’s rights as barbaric and backward, offering a chance for freedom to any women in the world who sought asylum.  President Viktor Plakida declined to comment, though no official reprisals or denouncements have been made. 

Riots in London Stock Exchange End in Record Gains

Paternoster Square was rocked by a sudden outbreak of violence today that ended when the London Stock Exchange closed its doors early.  Traders grew unruly and violent as bids began in the morning, a condition that seemed unduly aggravated as the day progressed.  Finally, one trader struck another, and a wave of assaults began that ended with fourteen traders arrested, two hospitalized, one dead, and the London Stock Exchange Group under new management.  Nawara Assad, an Israeli immigrant to the United Kingdom, owned 73% of the LSEG as its doors closed, after a blinding flurry of sales and purchases that left her one of the richest women in Europe.  When asked to comment on the day’s activities, Assad credited her faith and her deity with her success.


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  1. The second one is great, in an uplifting fashion.

    The fourth is intriguingly horrifying. And potentially any kind of Exalt.

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