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Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Nine

October 26, 2011

All fictional.

Disturbance at Vatican Ends with Shots Fired

A reported disturbance at the Vatican Friday ended with gunfire, sources report.  According to sources within the Vatican, representatives from the Independent Protectorate of Itzlan entered the Vatican for an audience with Pope Implacable I.  As the representatives were leaving, a dispute followed over the possession of several items of religious significance.  The dispute ended with the representatives discharging a firearm and speeding away from the Vatican in a chase that disabled one police vehicle and left the officer in stable condition.  Pope Implacable has issued a decree that the Exalted (or Anathema) were involved, and that the incident was indicative of an attempt to silence the Catholic Church and its views on the “demon-possessed.”

Evocorp Announces Development of Ground-Breaking Undersea Exploration Technology

The Berlin-based Evolution Corporation, or Evocorp, has announced seventeen new patents for previously unreleased technology that allows scientists unprecedented data regarding the ocean’s floor.  Among other inventions, the corporation claims to have perfected a vessel that permits undersea travel even into the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans and previously unreachable due to oceanic pressure.  Dr. Rebecca Schraeder, one of Evocorp’s field researchers, said, “The work we’ve been able to do is absolutely astounding.  We’ve found species that biology previously believed to be impossible, and that’s just scraping the surface.”  When asked about Evocorp’s next focus, Dr. Schraeder said, “We’re looking into revitalizing the space program.  With this new technology, the moon isn’t quite so far away.”

“Mother Bright” Offers Refuge to Disenfranchised in Buenos Aires

A local woman, long known as “Mother Bright,” has awed and impressed Buenos Aires and the world with her philanthropist tendencies.  Now, following Crimea’s invitation to the world’s women, Mother Bright has upped the ante, inviting the poor and disenfranchised of all nationalities, ages, genders, races, and religions to come to Buenos Aires, where she has offered to provide for them in a radical new social commune.  Openly Exalted, Mother Bright has insisted that charity begins at home, but that she cannot reach everyone in the world.  “It is our responsibility, our duty, to improve the lives of those less fortunate than us,” she said in an interview Friday, “but that doesn’t just mean those less fortunate near us.”  The government of Buenos Aires has claimed no involvement in Mother Bright’s declaration of sanctuary, and has urged citizens and immigrants to obey the laws and work together to promote a peaceful co-existence.

Romanian Senator Calls for Expulsion of “Impure”

Romanian senator Kaine Tomescu called for a pogrom of intolerance and even outright violence today, shocking human rights activists throughout the world.  “Gypsies,” Tomescu claimed, “have been living too long beside God-fearing men and women, tainting our land and stealing our children.”  This announcement follows Tomescu’s nomination for President of Romania, as well as the revelation that Tomescu himself is, in fact, descended from the legendary Vlad Tepes.  Tomescu’s sudden wave of nationalism and racism harken back to times when racial purity was extremely important to Romanian and Wallachian culture, but are being denounced as small-minded propaganda by the Human Rights Campaign.  No comment has yet been made by President Traian Băsescu.


Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Eight

October 24, 2011

All fictional.

Thirty-Two Dead in Drug-Related Shootout

Thirty-two alleged methamphetamine producers, distributers, and dealers were fatally wounded and ten more left critically injured after a shootout with a U.S. Marshal Thursday evening.  According to local authorities, a 911 call came from a pay phone near an abandoned warehouse, tipping authorities to the presence of the drug dealers.  A small contingent of local police led by a U.S. Marshal stormed the facility, weathering a hail of gunfire from the alleged producers.  The Marshal, who declined to be named, is credited with twenty-nine of the killings and six of the injuries, as well as actions that saved the lives of his fellow authorities.  None of the law enforcement officials suffered more than cosmetic injuries.

Israeli Government Denies Involvement in Nearby Regulations

Egyptian officials reported pro-Israeli legislation moving through the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Wednesday, making Egpyt the fourth and last of Israel’s neighbors to pass such progressive and ground-breaking legislation in the last month.  Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan have all loosened trade and immigration laws as concerning Israel, released political prisoners without compensation, and opened negotiations for treaties involving religious conflict and military non-involvement with Israel.  In each nation, important officials have disappeared without trace immediately after legislation was passed with their support.  Officially, Israel denies any involvement, but Egypt has increased security around Chairman Tantawi in preparation for an attempt on his life.

New York, Washington Agree to Temporary Cease Fire

A temporary cease fire was negotiated between military officials in Washington and the insurgent forces in New York City this evening, as leaders from both camps met for a diplomatic negotiation.  New York has been under seige by the United States National Guard ever since a local criminal organization began a riot that has lasted for six months.  Forces within the city seem unnaturally well organized and well armed, and both the local police and S.W.A.T. teams were unable to contain the apparent revolution.  However, those involved describe initial discussions as “promising,” and hopes are high that a diplomatic solution can be reached.

Explosions Rock Toronto CN Tower

The CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, was rocked by a series of explosions early this morning, an attack that sent debris flying nearly three miles and resulted in at least twelve fataltities and more than two dozen critically injured.  The Tower itself was severely damaged, and experts estimate that repairs will take more than two years to complete.  The assailant is believed to be the same individual who attacked the Space Needle in Seattle earlier this year.  Local authorities have no leads.


Charm Miscellany

October 11, 2011

Looking back over the White Wolf forums, I’ve found a few Charms that never did make it onto this blog.  So, in no particular order, here they are!

Red Tape Tinted Black (Ebon Dragon Charm)
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Sorcerous
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Nemesis Self Imagined Anew, Selfishness is Power

The Ebon Dragon hates you, personally. With this Charm, his hate infects an organization. This Charm functions as the Solar Charm Indolent Official Charm with the following exceptions:
-This Charm can only be activated while the Infernal is under the effects of its prerequisite.
-The affected bureaucracy only slows projects that would be beneficial for the target of the warlock’s Nemesis Self Imagined Anew.
-If the project would be harmful to the target of Nemesis Self Imagined Anew, this Charm instead functions as the Solar Charm Speed the Wheels.
-Projects that do not affect the target of Nemesis Self Imagined Anew (or that affect him neutrally without benefit or harm) may not be affected by this Charm.

Umbral Conclusion’s Forfeiture (Abyssal Charm)
None (4 motes, 1 zombie); Mins: Resistance 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Avatar (2), Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Wounds Mean Nothing

None know the inevitability of Oblivion like the Abyssals.  Thus, none know as well as they how to postpone that inevitability as long as possible.  With the… “blessing” may be too strong a word, but permission… of the Neverborn, this Charm allows an Abyssal to shunt a fatal blow onto one of his undead servitors, delaying his own grisly demise.  When the Abyssal suffers a damaging effect that would reduce him to his Dying Health Levels (or below), he may spend four motes as a Reflexive, non-Charm action in Step 10 of combat resolution.  If he does so, one zombie under his control, which must be within (Essence x10) yards, expires messily, utterly destroyed regardless of how much damage was avoided.  The Abyssal, for his part, takes only enough damage to reduce him to his last -4 Health Level (though this will not heal the Abyssal, should he be below this threshold already).  The cost of this Charm’s activation is considered a unique Flaw of Invulnerability.  For the purposes of this Charm, “zombie” is defined as a necrotech creation with a Coil rating of 1 or 2, or any walking dead animated directly by an Abyssal Charm. 

Necessity’s Child (Lunar Charm)
None (+2 motes); Mins: Dexterity 3, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Clay-Wetting Practice

The Stewards are masters of themselves, which, in turn, permits them to be masters of their surroundings.  They do not need to rely on tools; they have themselves.  This Charm upgrades its prerequisite, allowing the Lunar to perform non-Craft actions without tools, such as picking locks or performing surgery for a two mote surcharge.
At Essence 3, this Charm automatically upgrades to grant the Lunar a three-die situational bonus on relevant actions performed with these tools.  At Essence 4, it upgrades again, improving any stunt made with these tools by one die (to a maximum of 3).  Finally, at Essence 5, it upgrades a third time, granting the Lunar access to the equivalent of a master’s workshop. 

Shrouded in Plain Sight (Lunar Charm)
Cost: 5m (or 5m, 1wp); Mins: Wits 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Merged
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: The Spider’s Trap Door

It is the nature of the Stewards to be other, to be outside normal conceptions. Those who would challenge them by peering into their Realm are doomed to fail. This Charm allows the Lunar to make himself imperceptible to esoteric methods of perception. It does not protect her from any sense that could be enhanced by Keen (Sense) Technique, but guarantees success on any Stealth roll opposed by senses such as heat sense, Charms such as Measure the Wind, radar, sonar, or similar “esoteric” senses. Against magic that contests this perfection, the Lunar adds his Essence in dice to the subsequent roll-off.
An Essence 4 repurchase allows the Lunar to apply this Charm’s effects to any vessel or mount in or on which he is carried. This use of the Charm costs a point of Willpower in addition to its mote cost.
Merged: Appearance (Prerequisite: One of the Herd)


Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Seven

October 10, 2011

All fictional.

Lone Madman Fires Rocket at Alien Spaceship

Mexico City was the site of a crazed attacker today, when a lone assailant fired a personal rocket device at the extraterrestrial craft hovering over the city.  The craft appeared to sustain damage from the assault before the assailant was subdued.  After the attack, the vessel disappeared from radar and sonar and left Mexico City.  It has not yet been sighted again, nor has there been any public communication from the vessel regarding its intent.  Military authorities have not released specifics regarding the incident, but they do assure the general public that the assailant is in custody.  Speculation about whether or not the assailant was one of the Exalted remains unconfirmed.

Thirty-Two Arrested in U.S. Government Sweep

Thirty-two government officials were arrested Tuesday during what is being called the most thorough and effective sweep of the Department of the Interior in its history.  Charges ranged from embezzlement to fraud to treason, and spared no level of the Department’s bureaucracy.  Twelve aides, four clerks, five administrators, and two Assistant Secretaries were among those employees taken into custody.  Secretary Ken Salazar heaped praise upon the internal investigators responsible for the arrests, though unofficial and unconfirmed rumors suggest the agency had assistance from an outside source.  Arraignments are expected to be held over the course of the next month. 

Protesters in Crimea Declare Risen Amazon Nation

More than forty female protesters in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea today declared their nation a home and refuge to mistreated women from around the world.  Their leader, a woman who identifies herself only as “Scythia,” denounced various American, Yemenite, and African customs regarding women’s rights as barbaric and backward, offering a chance for freedom to any women in the world who sought asylum.  President Viktor Plakida declined to comment, though no official reprisals or denouncements have been made. 

Riots in London Stock Exchange End in Record Gains

Paternoster Square was rocked by a sudden outbreak of violence today that ended when the London Stock Exchange closed its doors early.  Traders grew unruly and violent as bids began in the morning, a condition that seemed unduly aggravated as the day progressed.  Finally, one trader struck another, and a wave of assaults began that ended with fourteen traders arrested, two hospitalized, one dead, and the London Stock Exchange Group under new management.  Nawara Assad, an Israeli immigrant to the United Kingdom, owned 73% of the LSEG as its doors closed, after a blinding flurry of sales and purchases that left her one of the richest women in Europe.  When asked to comment on the day’s activities, Assad credited her faith and her deity with her success.