Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Six

September 28, 2011

All fictional (we hope…).

Extraterrestrial Craft Appears over Mexico City

At 7:09 CST on September 30th, 2011, a craft of extraterrestrial origin descended from the sky over southern Mexico, making a long approach toward Mexico City, where it stopped over the Polanco Towers.  The vessel itself is oblong, roughly two hundred and fifty yards long, and smooth, of an almost organic composition.  Though it took no hostile action, citizens panicked, and local authorities began an evacuation of the most populous urban center in the Western hemisphere.  Thus far, the death toll has reached sixty people, and more are expected to perish in the chaos.  Reports of a message transmitted from the vessel remain unconfirmed.  Citizens are urged to remain calm and comply with law enforcement officials to ensure a smooth and safe evacuation.

The above vessel was seen today hovering over Mexico City.

Scientists Posit Theories on Origins of Alien Vessel

Top NASA administrators have released a detailed but incomplete report on the probable nature of the extraterrestrial vessel currently hovering over Mexico City.  Spectroanalysis of the craft’s composite suggests it is a living being, propelled by thermal emissions and genetically designed to withstand the rigors of space travel.  Analysis of the vessel’s entry trajectory suggests it came from somewhere within the Crab Nebula, an area previously believed to contain no habitable planets.  Though no direct contact has yet been made with the alien visitors, scientists warn the populace that they may not conform to human standards.

U.S. Military Moves into Mexico

The presence of an extraterrestrial vessel over Mexico City has prompted a military response from the United States.  At the request of Mexican President Felipe Calderón, U.S. troops have advanced into Mexico, forming a military blockade around the capital city.  Troops are assisting local law enforcement with a chaotic evacuation, but their primary interest is preparing a defense against any possible hostile action from the aliens.  This action has drawn criticism from many world leaders, who fear such a response will provoke the very hostility they hope to avoid.  U.S. military leaders, however, stand unanimous in their support of the move.

Electromagnetic Disturbances Sweep the Globe

Following the arrival of the extraterrestrial craft over Mexico City, electronics across the world suffered massive disturbances, often leading to complete failures, sometimes irreparable.  At least three airplanes have been reported to have crashed, while at least two more remain unaccounted for.  The FAA has grounded all other flights indefinitely.  Casualties have been reported from major metropolitan offices, hospitals, and law enforcement institutions, as electronics from radios to elevators to life support machines flickered and died.  The President has declared a state of emergency for the entire United States, while the disturbances are accounted for and repaired.  Citizens are advised to stay inside their homes and remain calm.


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