Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Five

September 15, 2011

As before, all fictional.

Mexico Grants Independent Protectorate Status to Itzlan Nation

Mexican President Felipe Calderón announced early this morning that several years of negotiations have resulted in several municipalities in southern Mexico being granted independent protectorate status and, essentially, becoming their own nation.  The contiguous municipalities of Escárcega, Calakmul, and Candelaria in the Mexican state of Campeche have all been ceded to the indigenous Itzlan people, descendants of the Mayan civilization.  Their representative, who declined to be named, indicated that it was only through the cooperation of the Mexican government that this historic independence could have been achieved. 

Deadly Epidemic Rampages through India, Kills Hundreds

Devanand Konwar, the Governor of the state of Bihar in northeastern India, declared a state of emergency Saturday as the death toll from the latest contagion reached more than three hundred.  The region has been victim of several diseases in the last several months, but the most recent has by far been the most devastating.  Relief workers are being kept out of the quarantine area, with conditions inside reported as hellish at best.  Symptoms appear similar to those of the plague, though deadlier.  At this time, no cure or treatment has been effective at slowing or stopping the disease, and, when asked about the possibility of saving the region, aid workers were not optimistic.

Seattle Space Needle Damaged in Presumed Terrorist Attack

A series of explosions rocked downtown Seattle this morning, damaging the iconic Space Needle landmark and scattering debris over a sixteen block radius.  Emergency responders reported nine fatalities and twenty-seven injured, many of those in critical condition.  Witnesses reported seeing an individual dressed in what appeared to be a Halloween costume tossing an as-yet-unidentified explosive at the support beams of the Space Needle, triggering a series of damaging explosions.  No organizations have come forward to claim responsibility for the attack, and the attacker remains at large.

Japanese Emperor Overthrown in Military Coup

Emperor Akihito was killed during fighting in Tokyo, Japan earlier this evening, as a rebel military group calling itself the Sons of the Rising Sun fought their way through the city.  Civilian resistance was markedly nonexistent, though military forces did engage the Sons in a number of skirmishes, leaving fifteen dead and more than six times that number injured, mostly among the Japanese military forces.  The leader of this group, calling himself Tokugawa Ieyasu reborn, named himself God-Emperor of all Japan and swore to restore the glory of his nation.  Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda remains among the missing.


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