Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week Three

July 18, 2011

Once again, all fictional.

Russian Corporation Announces Artificial “Exalted”

Autocorp, a multinational corporation headquartered primarily in Moscow, announced Wednesday that they have been able to replicate some of the characteristics of the recent rash of superhuman individuals via advanced cybernetics and robotics in what they are calling “Artificial Exalted.”  Although spokesmen claim actual realization of fully autonomous robotic Exalted is still decades away, Autocorp’s advances are being lauded as the first step toward a comprehensive defense against hostile biological “Exalted.”

Electromagnetic Disturbances Detected over Antarctica

Scientists at NASA have detected massive bursts of electromagnetic energy emanating from the South Pole, sources claim.  First detected by use of satellite photography, more recent aerial surveillance has confirmed the reports.  Visible to the naked eye, these as-yet unexplained phenomena include light displays akin to the Northern Lights and erratic electrical discharges reminiscent of a severe lightning storm.  The cause of this occurrence is unknown, but representatives from various research corporations have indicated that their agents are in the field to investigate.  Any connection between this event and the unusual solar flares earlier this year remains unclear.

Pyramids at Giza Explode

The Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, exploded into torrents of brilliant white light on Saturday.  Local archaeologists and researchers are baffled as to the cause.  One witness said he heard the sound of clear trumpets just before the event, while another claimed she saw a humanoid figure of pure light walk through the wall of the Pyramid of Khufu.  While visual examination is impossible due to the quantities of light being constantly emitted from the Pyramids, the structures themselves seem to be fully intact, according to thermal and sonar readings.  NASA confirms that the beams of light are powerful enough to exit the atmosphere without any appreciable loss in intensity.

Self-Titled “Bull of Africa” Conquers Angola

In a military coup that swept the African nation of Angola, the so-called “Bull of Africa,” a local warlord, has conquered the capital of Luanda.  His forces marched into Luanda early Monday morning, meeting little resistance.  Reports indicate that more than a hundred Angolan Republic forces were killed in the clash, though the Bull himself claims no more than ten of his own men were slain.  Resistance throughout the remainder of Angola is limited, and reporters on the ground indicate that the majority of the Angolan people, who were until yesterday staunchly opposed to the Bull and his coup, seem now to support the actions of this warlord.  Reports also indicate that the Bull displayed obviously superhuman powers during his military action, and may in fact be one of the newly dubbed “Exalted.”


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