Exalted: Modern – Headlines, Week One

July 2, 2011

Below are a few headlines ripped from various news agencies throughout the modern Exalted Earth.  Some of them are based on the actions of my player’s characters, and some are not.  Enjoy!

CNN Talk Show Host Announces Candidacy for President

Daniel Harrison, host of CNN’s highly-rated political crossfire series Truth Hurts, announced his candidacy for the office of the President of the United States on live television, interrupting his grueling interview with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton last night.  His revelation came during an unusual electrical disturbance that caused the station’s lighting to grow to blinding intensity.  However, his intentions were much clearer than what actually happened.  According to Harrison, the sun told him to run for office.  Despite initial suggestions, however, it seems that Harrison has strong, heretofore unknown grass-roots support, and may in fact be a real challenge to President Obama or the GOP candidate.  Harrison’s platform is, at this time, unknown.

First Moon Landing Since 1972 Suffers Mishap

NASA reported late last night that the Ignis I, the first manned moon landing since the Apollo 17, has lost contact with agents on the ground.  The mission, led by Lt. Cal Saint-James, was intended to recover samples of previously untapped potential resources and return them to NASA for study.  According to NASA officials, the space shuttle Ignis last made contact as the vessel was preparing for the actual lunar landing.  No word yet on the condition of Lt. Saint-James or his co-pilot, Second Lt. Neville Marsh, but rumors from sources inside NASA suggest the mission has made contact and that some sort of accident may have occurred.

Tsunami Daydream Tour Off to Rocky Start

Japanese-American pop singer Tsunami Daydream started her Ultimate Wonder Force Neon Tour on a sour note yesterday when equipment malfunctions during her performance of “Glitter Hurricane” nearly ended her first show.  Sources within Eight Foot Records, Daydream’s recording company, cite faulty wiring for amplifier failures that cut out sound during the performance of the star’s chart-topping single.  This followed an apparent attempt on the singer’s life by a crazed fan earlier in the evening.  Daydream’s fans, who refer to themselves as “Daydreamers,” have shown an almost cult-like reverence for the star, sometimes bordering on the obsessive.  Rolling Stones interview with the star on that very subject will be available in next month’s issue.

Black Hills Fire Threatens Hundreds

A wildfire in the Black Hills region of South Dakota grew rapidly out of control Tuesday, forcing the National Parks Service to issue an evacuation warning for the surrounding area.  Though the area is sparsely populated, the fire was dangerously near Ringtail City, and residents were advised to seek shelter away from their homes.  The National Parks Service did conduct a daring rescue of a couple who had been exploring the Black Caves, and no fatalities were reported.  The fire was contained before it reached civilized areas, and the cause of the fire remains unknown.

Unexplained Solar Phenomena Concern Scientists

A series of unexplained solar flares, spanning the last week and a half, have been the cause of concern for a number of astrological officials at NASA, sources say.  Experts have been unable to cite the cause of these unusual bursts of activity, though their effects have been measurable.  According to researchers, these solar flares could cause electronic devices to malfunction or shut down, interfere with radio or digital communication, and could even have far-reaching effects on ultraviolet radiation levels across the globe.  Citizens are advised to use caution during extended periods outdoors.


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