Exalted: Modern – Luna and the Silver Chair

May 25, 2011

When the Usurpation occurred, and Creation was shattered, Gaia was initially rendered comatose.  The Five Elemental Dragons were literally catatonic.  Creation was broken and reformed.  Her last ties to the world had been violently severed.  Only Luna begged her to stay, but even the Fickle Lady could keep her present for only so long.  Eventually, Gaia began her journey into the Wyld to seek the Shining Answer.

Luna herself was tied to the Games of Divinity, and to her essential nature as guardian of the world.  However, her interest waxed and waned, and as the centuries passed, it waned more than waxed.  She spent less and less time on her moves in the Games, and more and more time searching the Wyld.  She visited her Chosen still, and was present for each and every Lunar Exaltation (except the ones she decided to miss).  But her mind was obviously on Gaia, and she sought her consort as fiercely as Gaia sought her Shining Answer.

The Silver Chair floated lifeless in the sky, as ever.  Luna had never been bound to the moon the same way the Unconquered Sun had been bound to the Daystar, and while Granalkin still patrolled the tunnels and paths beneath the moon’s surface, Luna herself was rarely present.  The Silver Chair did its job without its pilot, for its job was merely to exist and provide counterpoint to the Daystar.  It exerted its pull on the Wyld from within the Dead Zone, but the Dead Zone itself kept the Wyld out more than the Silver Chair did.

This is not to say that the Silver Chair is lifeless.  While the Daystar floats more or less serenely despite its outward blaze, the Silver Chair appears to be nothing but dead rock, while inside it bubbles with activity.  There have always been nightmares within the Sublunarian Deep, echoes of humanity’s dreams given life by Luna’s connection to the Wyld.  When man landed on the moon, it woke more and more of these nightmares, and Granalkin has spent the last decades battling wave after wave of eldritch horrors.

This battle has distracted him from what is truly important, which may have been the plan all along.  The Silver Chair floats within the Dead Zone, and so it touches the fevered dreams of the Neverborn.  From that vast shadowland, several expeditions of ghosts have come to the Silver Chair.  While most were gently rebuffed or violently obliterated by the moon’s numerous guardians, one group has managed a foothold.

While Granalkin is occupied with the alien nightmares of humanity, these ghosts have erected a massive cathedral-city on the dark side of the moon, gothic and baroque with facilities fit for a Deathlord.  While it is no more than a tiny outpost for now, it provides access to the Silver Chair, and with no immediate reprisal from the Archer on the Silver Pass, the ventures from the Cathedral Penumbra have grown bolder, even reaching as far as the tower of Saturn.


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