Exalted: Modern – The Unconquered Sun and the Daystar

May 23, 2011

The Most High has not stirred himself from the Games of Divinity since the First Age.  When he turned his back on his Chosen, his mighty heart broke.  He could not bear to look upon Creation and see what his beloved Exalted had done, had become.  The Exalted had done what even the Primordials could not: they broke the spirit of the Unconquered Sun.

When the Sidereals began their rituals, when they murdered all the Solars, cast out the Lunars, and broke the world, the Sun did not miss so much as one instant of one turn at the Games.  His hand never hesitated when he made his moves.  Repeated requests from Nysela at the helm of the Daystar went unanswered, as did similar pleas from Lytek.  The Five-Score Fellowship waited for violent reprisal, but none was forthcoming.

Nysela was frantic.  She watched the Kukla crack the shell of Creation, and sought to intervene.  Initially, she sent panicked requests to the Sun for him to return to the bridge of the Daystar, but when no reply came, she began to seek other options herself.  The Daystar’s most prevalent weapons were useless against the Kukla.  Its armored hide would merely shrug off the Essence cannons.  Its most potent weapons could annihilate the Kukla – and all the rest of Creation with it, especially in such a fragile state.  With no other options, Nysela attempted to rouse the Gardullis, but the mighty dragon did not care about the Kukla. 

Frustrated and impotent, Nysela watched helplessly from the bridge of the Daystar as the world was remade.  As the lava plates cooled, she found the Daystar’s trajectory no longer automatically took it across the heavens.  The Dome of the Sky had been shattered, and the tracks on which the Daystar had run for so long had been broken and consumed.  Nysela was insufficient to the task before her.  She was not skilled enough to pilot the Daystar without a guide.  The Daystar drifted in space, and the new Earth began to slowly orbit it. 

To this day, the arrangement has not changed.  Nysela sits the helm of the Daystar, sensors monitoring the areas beyond the Dead Zone, watching for threats from beyond the world.  For millennia, none have come.  The most potent battleship in existence floats silent and burning, its pilot grown weary and embittered, its captain immersed in his Games.  No living being has set foot on the Daystar since the Usurpation save those already aboard. 

With the return of the Exalted, there is a chance to change all this.  Both the Jade Pleasure Dome and the Daystar are formidable obstacles, but neither is out of reach of a dedicated circle.  The Sun is broken in spirit, but he could be roused to action, and even lessened as he is, he is a mighty ally.  He retains enough self-awareness to know he is no longer the Sun he once was, and a persuasive band could even convince him that it is time he stepped down… or simply forcibly retire him, for the good of Earth or for its ill.  The Daystar can be piloted by the Exalted, though with difficulty.  Taking control of the physical sun itself gives one command of all the people of Earth.  Nysela will not allow herself to be removed from her position willingly, but she is not even as resilient as the Unconquered Sun. 

For now, however, both remain points of untapped potential.


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