Exalted: Modern – The Fair Folk

May 9, 2011

In the blackness beyond the space we know, in the distant reaches of the Wyld, the Fair Folk dwell, as they always have, since even before “always” had a meaning.  The Fair Folk Courts play in their chaotic dramas, feeding on their own passion plays and the small wisps of emotion that drift from Creation.  Beyond them, the Unshaped stare at Creation with hatred and plot its destruction.

Ever since the cataclysm created the dead zone between Earth and the Wyld, the Fair Folk have been stymied.  Where once they had come to Creation in (relatively) large numbers, now they could not reach it at all, or could only do so in small groups.  Many who attempted the crossing were calcified in the lightless depths of space, plummeting to earth in fiery, meteoric explosions of failure.

However, there are small paths through space.  Some Fair Folk developed special equipment from their dreams to help them make the crossing, while others simply found their way into Earth and never left.  Unidentified flying objects, ancient myths of the Faerie, vampires, werewolves, the chupacabra… any or all of these could be evidence of the Raksha’s influence on Earth.  Even that name has made its way into mythology.

And yet, the Unshaped cannot reach Earth.  They are too chaotic, with no form to shield them from the consumptive void.  The few paths through the vacuum are insufficient for them, and they would rapidly be calcified if they did succeed.  So, behind the black shield of the shadowlands, they watch and wait for their chance to annihilate all that is not Chaos.

Earth, however, is not their only plaything.  The Lunars have lived in the deeps of the Wyld for as much time as time has definition in Pure Chaos.  They have forged worlds from the Wyld, forged people on those worlds, and forged societies from those people.  They have bartered and battled with the Fair Folk, making allies and enemies alike.  The Fair Folk can find their worlds and feed on their people, and so they have interacted.

Now that the Solars have returned, the Lunars are turning their attention back to Earth.  As they begin their odyssey, the Fair Folk drift in their wake, alien and incomprehensible as the Lunars themselves.  But they are devious and clever as they have ever been.  They can take the shapes of men and beasts as they ever have.  And they devour, as they ever have.  They follow the Lunar Exalted through the spaces between the stars, and they find the secret paths to Earth.  Even the Unshaped have begun to notice, and as their food drifts more and more to Earth, so the predators of the shapeless chaos migrate in their path, turning their hungry eyes to humanity.

Fair Folk all begin play with one free dot of Resistance, one free Excellency, and one free level of Ox-Body Technique.  Aside from those changes, they use standard Fair Folk character generation rules.


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