Exalted: Modern – The Infernals

May 4, 2011

The Yozis cackled and rejoiced in the fall of the Solars, for they hated the Exalted, and the Solars foremost among them.  When the Sidereals rose and threw them down, slaughtering them and capturing their Exaltations, the Yozis, especially the Ebon Dragon, took notes.  Though their handful of Solar akuma were lost, they believed their others could make up for it.  They felt, for the briefest of moments, like their wildest dreams had a chance of coming true.

When the Sidereals woke the Kukla, the Yozis were apoplectic.  They had MADE the Kukla, after all: they knew its purpose better than any of the Exalted.  They knew it would annihilate Creation, which they did not want.  After all, if there were no Creation, there would be nothing for them to reconquer.  Though the small number of Sidereal akuma argued vehemently against this plan, the majority won out.  While a number of the Yozis, Malfeas included, argued for their akuma to interrupt the sorcery, the Ebon Dragon counseled against it.  If the Sidereals lost control of the Kukla, then even their tiniest chance of success vanished.

No one would ever believe how much the akuma worked to preserve Creation and humanity.  Dragon-Blooded akuma died by the score, defending the last vestiges of humankind from the apocalypse dragon.  Sidereal akuma gave their lives in the casting, sacrificing themselves as readily as their untainted brethren.  Even the small handful of Lunar akuma dared to linger on the edges of the Wyld, shepherding humanity into their sheltered coves (horrific and alien as they were).  The names of the tainted Exalted were entered on all the same heroic memorials as their uncorrupted kin.

Malfeas raged as the Sidereals began to seal off the ancient paths into the Endless Desert.  The Ebon Dragon lashed against his bindings as the majority of the portals to the Demon City were forever closed.  Kimbery boiled and Adorjan flayed the flesh off thousands of demons in their ire.  Only She Who Lives in Her Name remained calm, watching the chaos with a heart-broken orb.  Powerless, at the command of her master, she simply watched and waited.

As the centuries passed, and the new Earth became populated once more, the Yozis stretched their tendrils into the world, especially the Ebon Dragon.  Mortal cultists were easy to recruit, as always, and thaumaturges could be coaxed into summoning the lesser souls of the vanquished Primordials.  However, the Sidereals were all locked away.  The Lunars had all vanished into exile.  No Solars remained.  The Yozis’ most powerful servants could not reach Earth, save through the tiny handful of Dragon-Blooded akuma, and even they rapidly grew too weak to be of use.

The Sidereals had done their job very well.  While the other Yozis raged, however, the wily Ebon Dragon, who was bound less than the others, found cracks in the demon prison and sent his fingers seeking far and wide through Creation.  He found the Jade Prison, and though he could not reach it, he knew where it was kept and what guarded it.  He began to form a plan.

Through experimentation, which took an exceptionally long time due to the lack of available Exaltations to study, the Yozis determined how to corrupt an Exaltation before implantation.  The Ebon Dragon took this knowledge to their dead cousins, the Neverborn, and struck with them a deal: tithe to us fifty Solar Exaltations, and we will tell you how to get the rest, and how to corrupt them.  As in the Creation we know, the deal succeeded (for the Yozis, at least).

However, the Reclamation is not in as strong a position as in the Creation we know.  Akuma supporters are rare, and while cultists abound, competing religions that do not even recognize the Yozis stamp them out when they are found.  The roads to Malfeas are limited, and while the Green Sun Princes themselves can leave with impunity, not so their demonic followers.  While the libraries of Orabilis contain the knowledge to summon the greater minions of the Yozis, those who can utilize those powers are few and far between.  It now remains to be seen whether the fractious Yozis can maintain their Reclamation in the face of so much opposition, when victory is not immediately handed to them on a platter.  And yet, with the return of the Celestials, the opportunities for akuma now begin to multiply once more.

Moreover, while the Lunar akuma could not affect Earth, that does not mean they do not exist.  As alien as the Lunars have become, imagining one corrupted by the Yozis, left untended by his Silver Pact brethren for generations, on a world as inhospitable as Malfeas itself, is only slightly less horrific than imagining that he is coming for Earth.

If you choose to play one of the Green Sun Princes, what destiny will you write for yourself?  Will you attempt to free the Yozis, letting them reconquer and reshape the Earth into the Creation that was once theirs?  Will you fight to combat the demon-stain on your Exaltation and become a hope for the defenders of the Earth?  Or will you eschew both paths, and carve your own demon-kingdom out of the ashes of the world, ruling in all your unholy might?

Modern Infernals are chosen in the same methods as canonical Infernals: either corrupted Exalted of other types, or those who would have been Solars but for their failures.  The shock, however, is much stronger for new Green Sun Princes.  After all, in Creation, magic and Exalted are common knowledge, if not common themselves, but on Earth, magic is unknown.  Some fall immediately into madness upon the discovery of alien truths, while others revel in their new natures, becoming wholly immersed in the demonic culture.

Green Sun Princes begin play with one free dot of Resistance, one free level of Hardened Devil Body, and one purchase of a First (Yozi) Excellency at no additional cost.  Aside from that, they use normal character generation rules.  Akuma, on the other hand, are only available as Dragon-Blooded or Lunars at character generation.  Only exceptional Dragon-Blooded can become akuma: the weak blood of the Terrestrials cannot otherwise support akumatization.  Likewise, mortals can never become akuma.


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