Home-Brewed Artifact Miscellany

February 19, 2011

This post is going to be immediately relevant to my game today.  Below you will find a small handful of custom-built Artifacts my players will soon be receiving as gifts.  I hope someone in your game will enjoy them as well!

Most Efficacious Astrolabe (Artifact 1)

This astrolabe is a minor wondrous item, most often produced by the Varangian City-States.  It is an immaculately crafted astrolabe, inset with precious metals and gemstones, and oiled to function perfectly.  When attuned, for the cost of one mote, it adds three dice to all the user’s Thaumaturgy rolls for the Art of Astrology.  Further, the user may pay five motes when making such a roll to convert all relevant specialty dice into automatic successes.

Prayer Shrine (Artifact 1)

This collapsible shrine is crafted of the finest quality materials, anointed with sacred unguents and incense, and inscribed with prayers to the whole of the Celestial Bureaucracy.  A priest may use this shrine to pray to the god or gods to whom he is ordained.  When praying, the shrine increases the effective Resources cost of any sacrifice made (minimum Resources 1) by one.  Additionally, if the priest is an Essence-wielder, he may pay five motes to add a single die to the prayer roll.

Blossom of the Deadly Amaranth (Artifact 1)

This beautiful blossom, magically preserved in a vase of purest crystal and filled with sacred water, never wilts or droops, remaining forever in the perfect height of its beauty.  However, such a trinket would be no more than a curiosity were it not for the power contained within it.  If fed a single mote of Essence, the flower produces one dose of a potent venom, which can be harvested and saved for later use as needed.  This venom uses the rules for Coral Snake Venom in the core Exalted book.  However, the flower must be fed a mote of Essence each day (which does not produce a toxin), or the magic sustaining its perfect beauty will fail, and it will crumble to ash.

Necklace of Teef (Artifact 1)

This primitive trinket is exactly what the name suggests… a string of wildly varying animal (and possibly human) teeth on a leather thong.  The teeth have all been ritually carved with runes important to the local tribes, and the thong itself has been soaked in sacred oils.  When worn, the user is displayed to all the spirit world as a man blessed by the shamans, infused with the power of this token.  When attuned (for a cost of one mote), the necklace grants its wearer a +2 bonus to all Social rolls made against spirits.

Fangs of Kel-Bashaan (Artifact 2)

Originally designed by the Sidereal craftsman Kel-Bashaan, these immaculately balanced knives were eventually mass produced in the height of the First Age. They are perfectly crafted for use either as a melee or thrown weapon, and they always come in sets of three (their unique geomancy requires nothing less). When thrown, if the Fangs miss their intended target, they automatically return to their attuned user. If they successfully hit, the user must make a reflexive Dexterity + Thrown roll (difficulty 1) or the Fangs remain lodged in their target. They can be crafted from any of the Magical Materials and gain the appropriate bonuses thereof when attuned.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Tags
5 +2 +3L +1 3 30

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