Alchemical Medicine Charm

December 7, 2010

When a Charm comes to you in a dream, it’s worth writing up.  Huge thanks to The Demented One for going over this one for me and making sure it’s useful and worthwhile.  If you’re playing an Alchemical, I hope you find a place for this in your game!

Iatric Constitution Monitor
Cost: 2m [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Touch
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Multifunction Hypodermic Apparatus

Alchemicals who devote their lives to healing occasionally find the need to keep an eye on their charges, even when out of reach.  To that end, they developed this Charm to monitor the health of their wards.  When activated, the Charm injects a tiny monitor probe into the subject, usually intravenously.  So long as the Alchemical maintains mote commitment, the device constantly sends information on the target’s medical condition to the Alchemical.

When in the presence of the subject, all Crippling, Poison, or Sickness effects become Obvious to the Alchemical’s senses, granting two automatic successes to any subsequent attempts to treat them.  Furthermore, when not in the target’s presence, the Alchemical is kept constantly aware of the subject’s status.  Should the target become the victim of a Crippling, Poison, or Sickness effect, or be reduced to his -4 Health Levels, the Alchemical is instantly aware of this, so long as she is in the same realm as the target.  At a distance, the Alchemical may take a Miscellaneous Action to make all such effects Obvious, even though she cannot see the target.

Synergistic Maintenance Transponder (3 XP): This submodule reduces the commitment cost to 1m for the Alchemical’s first (Essence x2) patients.  A repurchase at Essence 3 (also for 3 XP) permits a single mote to maintain commitment for up to (Essence x2) patients.


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