Infernal Charms!

November 19, 2010

Everyone knows I love Infernals. Thanks to some friends of mine, I’ve developed the mechanics for a pair of their Charms, and I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to show them off! Below are a pair of Infernal Charms for some of the Yozis I dearly love but so rarely find mechanics for. Many, many thanks to The Demented One and Kukla from the Exalted forums for their help on getting these primed for action!

Blue-Ringed Venom Garden (Kimbery Charm)
Cost: 25 motes, 2 Willpower; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Desecration, Obvious, Sea, Shaping
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Spiteful Sea Tincture

The Great Mother blesses the life that swims in her with her horrible fecundity. She also blesses it with her spite. When activated, this Charm affects all natural wildlife (defined as nonmagical plants and animals) within a radius of (Essence x 100) yards. Affected wildlife gains the Creature of Darkness, Breed True, and Toxin mutations. The difficulty of rolls made to get along or forage for food in the area are increased by the Infernal’s (Essence). Characters that are immune to poison or that know Mother Sea Mastery roll at the normal difficulty, but cannot do so to provide food for other characters that lack these benefits.

Affected wildlife does not suffer this increased difficulty, as they adapt to devour their poisonous kith, if necessary. In fact, this generally makes them more capable of surviving in the affected area, and, at the ST’s discretion, the area may slowly grow over a number of years. Contiguous affected areas can join, though if the total, continuous surface area of this Charm ever reaches ten square miles, regardless of volume, it becomes a persistent Blasphemy effect as per Holy Land Infliction. Returning the area to normal requires a concentrated pogrom against the affected wildlife, which may take years or may be the result of a single, explosive environmental effect. Some spells, such as Benediction of Archgenesis, can also reverse the effects.

At Essence 4, the Charm automatically upgrades to make such sea life inimical to characters who are not beloved of the Infernal, and actively hostile toward reviled characters. While within the area, such individuals have their long-term movement speeds halved, including when in Second Age conveyances such as ships. Most First Age conveyances were built to repel such antagonistic wildlife, and so are not affected.

One Sphere Among Many (She Who Lives in Her Name Charm)
Cost: None (+1wp); Mins: Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Desecration, Shaping, Training
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Will-Crushing Force

The spheres of the Principle of Hierarchy turn slowly and surely, each one identical to her 99,996 others. This Charm is a permanent upgrade to Will-Crushing Force. Whenever the warlock breaks a mortal with Will-Crushing Force, instead of merely replacing them with an automaton of themselves, the Infernal may pay one Willpower to activate this Charm’s effects. The unfortunate mortal dissolves as normal, but what reforms is a humanoid being with a cosmetic appearance dictated by the warlock at the time of activation. During the fiery dissolution and rebirth, the Infernal may reduce the victim’s Attributes to a minimum of 1. The victim receives the appropriate XP for these reductions, which the Infernal must immediately spend to increase the victim’s Attributes until all the XP is spent. Unspendable XP is lost.

Additionally, the victim receives a number of mutation points equal to (the Infernal’s Essence + 10), which the Infernal must spend immediately. The first mutation the target receives is the Creature of Darkness mutation, which grants no bonus mutation points. Finally, all the usual effects of Will-Crushing Force on the victim’s Motivation and Virtues occur as normal.

As a secondary benefit, if Will-Crushing Force is used against a target currently under the effects of Mind Spider Curse, the warlock drains (Essence) Willpower from the target.


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