Review- Glories of the Most High

November 10, 2010

This is kind of a cheating post, but it needs to be made. Glories of the Most High is the latest book release from White Wolf in the Exalted line, and it’s interesting for several reasons, not least of which is the content’s superb quality. I ordered my copy some time ago, received it over the weekend, and have been digesting until now.

First, for those few of you unfamiliar, Glories of the Most High was originally released on DriveThruRPG as a trio of separate PDF-only books, downloadable separately or as a single bundle. When I say “originally,” I mean in June of 2010. Of course, I snapped up the PDFs at the time, and had no complaints about their quality. That was also before my blog, so when I say this is cheating, I mean it’s because I’m using it to get a chance to review the material I’ve owned for months as though it were new.

I am sad to say “as though it were new,” because it isn’t. The hard copy (or “dead tree version”) is identical to the PDFs, save that it’s easier to put on your shelf. The content has not changed by so much as a word. Errata that was released since Glories first came out was not included. The art remains the same. Even the cover is the same as the cover of the PDFs, which was, in turn, a reprint of another book in the Exalted line.

That said, the content itself is fabulous, as it always has been. In addition to containing the write-ups for the Unconquered Sun, Luna, and the Five Maidens of Destiny, the book gives the reader five new martial arts styles, hidden errata for Sidereals, numerous Charms for each Exalt type, and the histories of the Incarnae themselves. This book really is about the Incarnae, and it makes them vivacious and imaginative beings that can easily expand the flavor and enjoyment of any game in which they appear, whether as protagonists, antagonists, or even just supporting cast.

My only complaints about this product lie in what it could have been, which, I suppose, is not all that bad. The only flaws lie in the wasted potential inherent in such a delayed printing. Nevertheless, I recommend it, whether in dead tree form or PDF, to anyone who has even a slight interest in the cosmology of Exalted, even if that interest is only in the Exalted themselves. It’s well worth the price.


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