Custom Behemoth – Verdantus, the Fungal Token

October 13, 2010

Apropos of nothing, enjoy a behemoth!

Verdantus, the Fungal Token

Verdantus photo VerdantustheFungalToken.jpg

In the deeps of the Eastern Bordermarches, where the land is nothing but overgrowth and wild fecundity, where the chaos of the Wyld bleeds into Creation and infects every living thing with its abundance, there roams a behemoth of unknown origin.  Sages call it Verdantus, but the local Fair Folk refuse to give it a name.  To them, it is merely the fungal token, and they make signs of warding against it.

Verdantus is life gone mad, pure growth and undying fertility left rampant.  Some say it was a creation of the Primordial Gaia, now infected by the Wyld.  Others say it came fully formed from the Deep Wyld itself, and it liked it so much in the Bordermarches that it chose to stay.  Regardless of its origins, Verdantus remains a danger to those who would travel its territory.

The Fungal Token itself is massive, larger than many of the redwoods that fill the far East.  Its spindly limbs are roots that plant themselves with every step, snapping free of its mossy trunk and growing behind it, but before the creature can topple, more roots have grown to pull it forward, on and on in a never-ending cycle of plantation and regrowth.  Its body is ever-growing, ever-changing, but its eyes are always bright green baubles set in whatever it has for a head, always seeking new life.

Motivation: Grow and encourage growth.

Attributes: Strength 15, Dexterity 5, Stamina 20; Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 1; Perception 6, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Virtues: Compassion 5, Conviction 5, Temperance 1, Valor 3

Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 4, Dodge 2, Integrity 3, Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Others: Forest-tongue) 1, Martial Arts 5, Medicine 5, Presence 2, Resistance 5 (Natural Inflictions +3), Survival 5 (The East +3)


Anatomy of a Plant: The Fungal Token never suffers wound penalties, and his constantly regenerating nature means he automatically heals one level of Lethal damage or two levels of Bashing damage every tick.  This continues even after he is reduced to his Incapacitated Health Level, and such damage does not automatically wrap around into Aggravated damage.  Amputation effects automatically fail against Verdantus, with the injury fully regrowing before the severed limb hits the ground.  At the start of his action, he automatically removes all Crippling effects under which he is suffering.

Natural Resilience: Though Verdantus does not have Excellencies, as such, any time his Resistance specialty applies to a (Stamina + Resistance) roll, he may spend a point of temporary Willpower to double his Stamina for the purpose of that roll.

Touch of Abundant Life: Verdantus can be a boon, infusing an individual with his unchecked regenerative power, but at a cost.  With a single touch and the expenditure of a Willpower point, Verdantus can heal a target of any number of levels of damage.  However, the target gains a number of points of negative, physical mutations equal to the number of levels of damage healed.  These effects are collaboratively chosen between the player and the Storyteller, with the Storyteller having final say as always.  These mutations can be cured as a Crippling or Shaping effect.  Mortals do not heal these mutations normally, while Exalted heal each point of mutation as one level of Aggravated damage.  This is, of course, assuming the target survives the Verdant Touch.

Verdant Touch: The touch of Verdantus is filled with life, quite literally.  Anything the Fungal Token touches is exposed to thousands of seeds, spores, germs, and the gods know what else.  Rampant and unchecked growth immediately follow.  Vines sprout from the touched, moss grows, and illness blooms.  Every tick following a touch, be it as an attack or not, the touched suffers a cumulative -1 internal penalty to all actions, reflexive or otherwise, as plants fill his lungs, sprout from his skin, and grow into the ground.  Should this penalty exceed the victim’s Stamina, the victim dies horribly, absorbed into the new plant mass.  This is simultaneously a Poison and Sickness effect, and anything that cures either ends this effect.  A successful Intelligence + Medicine roll (difficulty of the accumulated penalty) also cures this effect, though performing such an action on oneself adds two to the difficulty (and probably suffers a penalty as well).

Join Battle: 8


Fungal Strike: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 15B*, Parry DV 6, Rate 3, Tags N

*See Verdant Touch, above

Soak: 20B/10L

Health Levels: -0 x 50/Incap

Dodge DV: 5                                        Willpower: 8

Essence: 3

Other Notes: Verdantus is intelligent and capable of engaging in Social combat, but, like many least gods, he is generally incapable of understanding concepts outside his paradigm.  For example, he cannot understand why anyone would not want to be consumed into the cycle of growth, death, and rebirth, and so does not consider the effects of his touch to be an attack.  Insofar as his special powers can be learned, Verdant Touch is a prerequisite for all his unique abilities.



  1. Wonderful behemoth, ‘Poid. Very Swamp Thing Gone Wild… only, without showing his boobs and yelling “I WANNA BE POPULAR!”

    Anywho, do you think of a concept and then find art to represent it, or get inspired by a cool picture to create a concept? OR do you think of a concept, find a picture, and then tweak the concept to fit the image? My guess is the second or third, since your ideas fit your images so well.


  2. Most of the time, I look through my folders of awesome pictures that I’ve clawed out of the Internet and make a set of mechanics to fit the thematics of that picture.

  3. What happened to the picture, out of curiosity? It was quite cool. So is this whole write-up, by the by.

    • Oh, I just rearranged my Photobucket account. I’ll see if I can get it back up this morning. Thank you!

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