Exalted Movie Mondays – Iron Man 2

October 11, 2010

For those few of you who haven’t seen Iron Man, or are somehow unfamiliar with the titular character’s story arc, this review of the movie’s sequel may not do very much for you. If nothing else, however, I hope it will encourage you to go see both movies (preferably in order). They’re well worth the price of admission.

As a brief recap, Tony Stark is a genius inventor and owner of his father’s company, Stark Enterprises. After an incident in the Middle East, Stark invents a unique prosthetic to keep himself alive, a prosthetic that evolves into superior battle armor. However, Stark has plenty of enemies, and one of them, Ivan Vanko, has returned to seek vengeance. If that wasn’t enough, Stark’s own armor seems to be slowly killing him, and the time he has to find a cure may not be enough.

If the cast for this movie weren’t enough to get you into the seats (what’s wrong with you?), the cinematography, special effects, and script are all equally well executed. Also, Scarlett Johansson is in it, which means you need to see it. In the last couple years, Scarlett has managed to bump Sandra Bullock off my top three Hollywood hotties list (sorry, Sandra!).

As far as Exalted goes, there’s always some debate on what Tony Stark would have been had he been an Exalt (because, as it stands, he’s a heroic mortal). In the comic books, he’s much more of a financial and corporate figure, so I’d actually have placed him as an Eclipse with Craft Favored, but in the movies, he’s definitely a Twilight. His business is always second to his inventions, and that’s the kind of distinction that makes a particular Caste stand out in my mind.

It would be easy to say that Vanko is just the Abyssal version of Stark, but he’s not. They’re not two sides of the same coin, they’re the same coin that took two different paths. If Stark is a Twilight, then so is Vanko. He’s dedicated to destroying Stark, but he’s not a villain: he’s a hero viewed through a broken lens. He believes he’s in the right, and that Stark is actually a monster who needs destroyed. The movie doesn’t give this particular dichotomy much treatment, however, instead focusing (reasonably) on Stark and his conflicts.

I thoroughly recommend both Iron Man movies. There’s a third on its way, as well as an Avengers movie in the works, so for fans of Marvel, keep your eyes open. If Marvel keeps making movies of this caliber, we may get some amazing Exalted Movie Mondays ahead.



  1. Vanko could simply be an Infernal. A Scourge. Maybe not with a Pyrian Urge, but definitely a Scourge.

  2. I actually see Vanko as more of a Defiler with a Malfean Urge. He’s a brilliant failure bent on revenge.

    I used to really dig ScarJo, but Hollywood shoehorns her in whenever a script calls for a hot curvy chick, so her very limited range quickly caught up with her. She looks awesome in a catsuit, but that part should have gone to the original choice, Emily Blunt.

    Gwynneth Paltrow is wonderful in the Iron Man movies. She’s my Arianna, fake British accent and all.

    True story: To get in character as Vanko, Mickey Rourke would blast “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley on infinite loop. One day, Downey finally threw his door open and shouted,

    “I swear to Christ if you play that fucking song one more time, I will… be… terrified of… you.”

    So Rourke stands, slaps him on the shoulder and growls in his Russian accent, “Gud. Now you are ready for fight.”

    • You know when you wrtie something and you were thinking about another thing?
      Yeah, Defiler, not Scourge šŸ˜›

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