Exalted Movie Mondays – Wanted

October 4, 2010

My entry this week almost consisted of nothing but the word “duh” and a link to an IMDB page, because this week’s movie is probably the single most Exalted movie I’ve ever seen. It’s called Wanted, and while it’s not what you’d call a good movie, it’s certainly exactly the kind of over-the-top action that Exalted is going for. Some people might cut me for claiming this, but it’s a modern wuxia movie.

The basic plot of this movie is as follows: an ancient, secretive cult of assassins recruits a young man who is otherwise a fuckup, to protect him from one of their members who has gone rogue. Of course, as he is inducted, he learns the secrets of the organization while learning how to perform amazing stunts that should be beyond rational possibility.

This “secretive cult” is clearly a group of Sidereals. I mean, they even operate under orders from something called the Loom of Fate (though, in their case, it’s an actual loom). In fact, every single important character is probably a Sidereal, including the main character (who seems like he’s outside of fate, until he learns what his destiny truly is). The combats are truly amazing, and while the acting and plot are certainly not Grade A, the visuals are worth the rental fee.

Watch the movie, but don’t expect some deep, interesting plot. Expect Morgan Freeman, bullets that curve around corners, and to come out of the movie using the phrase, “as subtle as a dump truck full of exploding rats.” I know this is a short piece, but I don’t need to say much else. When cars are flipping over other cars, people parry bullets by shooting them out of the air, and snipers use scopes to shoot people from across a city, you’re talking about Exalted.


One comment

  1. My good friend described this movie thusly:

    “A Rob Liefeld drawing of a musclebound guy in a leather jacket riding a unicorn made of guns, two-fisting giant steins of Bud Light, yelling “YAAAAAAAH, MEN!” with a pencil-waisted floppy-titted bimbo clinging to his ankle. In the worst possible sense.”

    That said, it’s absolutely a Sidereals movie with Exalted action. There’s just not a sympathetic character in the whole fooking works.

    For Creation after the Reclamation, read the graphic novel by Mark Millar. It’s utterly different, and even more vile.

    Great job, ‘Poid.

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