Second Circle Demon – Kartajan, the Itinerant Sheikh

October 1, 2010

I was going to do a big Tentacled Vitriol rant today about the Craft system… but I’m not feeling it. Look, a monster!

Kartajan, the Itinerant Sheikh,
Indulgent Soul of the End of All Wisdom

 Kartajan photo 02944_Lucien_62nd_Circle_Demon6_122.jpg

Many are the travelers who lose themselves in the endless wastes of Cecelyne, and few are those who can manage to draw the attention of the Endless Desert herself. When some unique (or obnoxious) wanderer manages this feat, it is often Kartajan who comes to greet them… often to their dismay.

Unlike many Second Circle Demons, Kartajan does not often enter the Demon City, nor is he often summoned to Creation. His is the domain of the endless sands, and he is lord of all the demon-tainted beasts that dwell therein. For those who attract his attention, if they offer something of value to the End of All Wisdom, or even to the Endless Desert herself, he can be their guide through the wastes. If they do not, however, they become the latest addition to his arid menagerie, warped into scuttling things seared by the light of Ligier and doomed to a life of thirst and deprivation.

Kartajan himself tends to appear as a cloaked and balaclava-clad desert dweller, with fingernails of blackened obsidian and skin as dry and scaly as any lizard. His eyes are yellow and blazing like Creation’s sun, but he keeps his face obscured, for those who see it are never the same. When he chooses, he can appear as a jackal or scorpion, but in any form, his tail is a long, slender appendage capped by a bony protrusion. This sting induces thirst in mortals, dooming them to an existence without succor.

Summoning: (Obscurity 3/5) Kartajan is not as known to Creation’s thaumaturges, for his services as messenger to the Endless Desert are less necessary under Creation’s sun. However, those who do know him can call him as a guide through natural wastelands or to punish those they despise. Should a native of the South become lost in the desert and survive a week without water before succumbing to thirst, there is a chance Kartajan can escape Malfeas.  If the corpse remains untouched until it dries entirely, the last drop of moisture escaping the mummified cadaver shimmers like a heat mirage, and the Itinerant Sheikh can step into Creation.
Motivation: To enforce “survival of the fittest” on all those who would enter Cecelyne. Kartajan’s Intimacies include desert creatures, Orabilis, and a negative Intimacy toward oases.
Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 5, Stamina 8; Charisma 6, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4; Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valor 3
Abilities: Archery 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 4, Dodge 5, Integrity 4, Investigation 2, Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Other: Flametongue, Southern Barbarian Tongues) 2, Lore 3, Martial Arts 5, Occult 3, Presence 4, Resistance 3 (Desert Dangers +3), Ride 3 (Desert Beasts +2), Stealth 2 (Deserts +1), Survival 5 (Deserts +3), War 1 (Desert Warfare +1)
Backgrounds: Backing 3, Cult 2, Influence 2, Sanctum 3
Affinity (Element) Control – Sand; Kartajan may use only the Elemental Corruption and Elemental Hazard functions of this Charm.
Benefaction – Kartajan gives the target one bonus die to an action to endure desert environs.
Blessed (Element) Body – Desert-based environmental hazards heal and rejuvenate Kartajan rather than harming him.
Bread of Weak Spirit – Kartajan can consume only Incapacitated spirits.
Demon-Blooded Endowment – Kartajan can turn those who he conquers into desert-dwelling creatures.  Using this Charm requires him to show his face to the target.
Essence Plethora (x3) – 30 extra motes.
Hurry Home – Kartajan can instantly teleport to anywhere within the Endless Desert.
Intrusion-Sensing Method – Kartajan can sense intruders in the Endless Desert.
Landscape Travel – Kartajan can burrow through the sand at his normal Move or Dash speeds.
Malediction – Kartajan inflicts a one-die penalty on the target’s rolls to endure desert environs.
Materialize – 80 motes
Measure the Wind – Kartajan can learn the truth of anyone within the Endless Desert.
Ox-Body Technique (x3) – Three additional -1 and three additional -2 Health Levels.
Principle of Motion – Kartajan typically keeps nine banked actions.
Shapechange – Kartajan can change into a jackal or scorpion.
Spirit-Cutting – Kartajan’s attacks can damage dematerialized spirits.
Tracking – Those who are blessed or cursed by Kartajan cannot escape him.
First (Ability) Excellency – Bureaucracy, Martial Arts, Survival
Second (Ability) Excellency – Bureaucracy, Resistance, Survival
Third (Ability) Excellency – Awareness, Survival
Divine (Ability) Subordination – Survival
Join Battle: 9
Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 6L, Parry DV 6, Rate 3, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 9B, Parry DV 4, Rate 2, Tags N
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 6B, Parry DV 6, Rate 3, Tags N
Tail Sting: Speed 5, Accuracy 12, Damage 9L plus poison, Parry DV 6, Rate 3, Tags N, P
Soak: 20B/16L (Steel-hard scales, 12L/12B)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 9                      Willpower: 9
Essence: 7                          Essence Pool: 145
Other Notes: Kartajan’s Demon-Blooded offspring usually possess mutations that better permit them to survive in the desert, though almost all are also damaged by the light of Ligier or Creation’s sun. Victims stung by Kartajan’s tail poison must roll (Stamina + Resistance) at a difficulty of Kartajan’s Essence or be afflicted with unending thirst. They gain cumulative penalties as if from thirst, regardless of whether or not they drink, though the penalties simply continue to accrue and never kill the target. This is both a Poison and a Shaping effect, and can be avoided by effects which negate either.  Despite his Hurry Home Charm allowing him to teleport anywhere within the Endless Desert, even Kartajan cannot evade the five-day journey to cross it into either the Demon City or Creation.


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