Exalted Movie Mondays – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

September 27, 2010

If you’re a fan of Exalted, then I heartily recommend Atlantis: The Lost Empire, created by Disney. With Mike Mignola as a production designer and a script treatment by Joss Whedon, it really has a lot to recommend it. Add a healthy dose of Exalted themes, and it’s an animated movie well worth the watching.

The basic premise is that Milo, an underappreciated linguist in the early 1900s, dreams of fulfilling his grandfather’s dream, finding the lost continent of Atlantis. His wish is granted by Preston Whitmore, a long-time colleague of Milo’s grandfather. Together with a hand-picked team of mercenaries, they seek (and actually discover) the lost civilization of Atlantis. But when returning the treasures of the lost continent means destroying a civilization more than 8,000 years old, Milo and the others have to decide whether or not the civilization itself is the real treasure.

Milo is obviously a Scavenger Lord, probably a Twilight Caste Solar with Linguistics favored. Whitmore strikes me as nothing so much as an eccentric Sidereal, who pulls the strings to get things going (watch the movie and imagine Whitmore as Chejop Kejak. Let me know if you can still breathe for laughing afterward). The crack team are all Dragon-Blooded, especially the ruthless Rourke, who firmly believes he’s right, no matter what it costs him or anyone else. Finally, Kida (and honestly her father) are Lunars, protecting a dying civilization.

The entire power supply of Atlantis could easily be an Artifact in Exalted, something created by the First Age Exalts and used to save a portion of Saigoth’s civilization before it collapsed during the Usurpation. It’s even powered by life-force, which is as much Essence as I’ve ever seen in a movie.

Honestly, Atlantis is one of the most Exalted movies I’ve yet seen (though next week’s flick kicks it out of the running). It’s got heroism, moral conundrums, giant magitech monsters, First Age civilizations, the theme of ultimate power being difficult to use wisely, and hot chicks with glowing tattoos. Seriously, what more could you want?



  1. Or you could watch the anime from which Disney stole like a Scavenger Lord.

    • Which anime is that?

      • I honestly don’t know the english name, but I think is something like “Nadia and whatever”, the blue stone, I don’t know. I know the italian name 😀

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