More Fiend Charms

September 15, 2010

Holden made an announcement yesterday that has, quite frankly, gotten me into a tizzy. Anyone who’s read this blog in the past probably knows exactly how much I love Infernals, so knowing there’s more crunchy goodness waiting in the wings is enough to make me giddy. In honor of the unofficial announcement, I’m posting a couple of homebrew Fiend Charms. Enjoy!

Fraudulent Commodity Inception
Cost: 5 motes (or 5 motes, 1 Willpower); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Shaping
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Loom-Snarling Deception

The Ebon Dragon’s lies can fool even Heaven. What challenge, then, is simple bureaucracy? This Charm creates a forgery of a mundane (i.e. non-magical) item, whether that is a sword, a document, or a priceless jewel. Upon activation, the Infernal rolls (Manipulation + Larceny) and adds his Essence as successes to the final roll. He requires no materials or tools, though he must in some way obfuscate that he is crafting the object in that instant (such as by sticking his hand in a pouch or even just behind his back). Finally, if the Infernal spends a point of Willpower when activating this Charm, the final forgery is considered to have one net success over any roll to pierce its falsehood. This is an Illusion effect that explicitly cannot be pierced via Willpower expenditure, though appropriate non-Excellency Charms allow a roll-off as with Loom-Snarling Deception.

Items created by Fraudulent Commodity Inception last as long as the Infernal keeps the motes committed to them. While they may mimic any mundane item, no matter how fine its quality, these items are never mechanically more useful than common representations of their type. A forgery of a perfect slashing sword functions as a common sword, for example. Should the Infernal give the item away, however, it will fail catastrophically the first time it is used. Treat this as though the user of the “cursed” item suffered one botch as if from breaking an Eclipse-caste oath. This botch invariably involves the destruction of the item.

Purloined Ipseity Credence
Cost: None (+1 Willpower); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Illusion
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Loom-Snarling Deception

When the Ebon Dragon adopts a new persona, even the Loom of Fate is fooled. How can mortal organizations hope to resist? This Charm is a permanent enhancement of its prerequisite. Whenever the Infernal activates Loom-Snarling Deception, he may choose to pay a one Willpower surcharge. If he does so, Purloined Ipseity Credence grants the Infernal the illusion of a place within mortal society. He may choose up to (Essence) points of social Backgrounds, such as Allies, Backing, Contacts, Influence, Mentor, or Resources. Until he ceases to commit motes to Loom-Snarling Deception, all those fooled by his disguise believe he has those Backgrounds. He gains the benefits of the Background in question so long as he maintains his disguise, but it is only an Illusion. The Infernal does not actually possess any Allies, but those he seeks to impress will believe he does. He does not hold a place of rank within an organization, but he can fool even the organization into believing otherwise.

These Backgrounds are subject to the normal rules for losing Backgrounds (subject to Storyteller discretion), though the Infernal cannot alter them without dropping the disguise and re-activating it. Thus, an Infernal with fake Backing could be demoted, while an Infernal with fake Resources could well spend all her “credit.” As soon as the disguise is removed, the Illusion retroactively fails, usually eliciting a cry of disgust and shock from those the Infernal has fooled. These cries are delicious to the Ebon Dragon, and he savors them like fine wine.


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