Disney Musical Charms

September 8, 2010

So, my roommates and I watched Enchanted a week or so back, and while I didn’t really feel like I could make a meaningful Exalted Movie Monday post from it, it DID inspire a few Charms. I hope you enjoy!

[Lunar Charm] Beast-Calling Vocalization
6m; Mins: Charisma 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -2)
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Emotion, Obvious
Duration: One Dramatic Action
Prerequisite Charms: Dog-Tongue Method

By emitting a ululating vocalization, a Lunar can send out a call for help to all the local wildlife, pulling together a dedicated team of assistants from the indigenous population. The Lunar rolls (Charisma + Performance), as she sings a few notes or puts out a heartfelt plea for assistance. Every success grants the Lunar one skilled assistant for the purposes of dramatic actions, as a handful of birds, rats, wolves, or whatever arrive to assist. Mice help to trim cloth, birds carry supplies, oxen pull plows, or whatever is necessary to assist the Lunar in her chosen activity. Use the Teamwork rules on page 125 of Exalted. These animals depart at the end of the scene so long as they are not attacked and retain a positive Intimacy toward the Lunar.  This Charm targets animals as a group, and will only compel those natural animals who are extras and are unimportant to the scene in question.  For these animals, the Compulsion is irresistible.  While this Charm does not function if there are no animals in the area, note that only in the most desolate areas is there no wildlife.  If nothing else, insects exist in almost every ecosystem.

[Solar Charm] Improvisational Capering Performance
6m; Mins: Performance 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5 Long)
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Emotion, Illusion, Mirror (Spine-Chilling Thriller Attitude), Obvious, Social
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Phantom-Conjuring Performance

When a Lawgiver sees fit to sing and dance, his joy infects the world around him, drawing everyone into an impromptu routine. This Charm is a ([Charisma or Manipulation] + Performance) Social attack, drawing a Magnitude (Essence) group of extras from the surrounding area to assist as a Compulsion effect. The Solar, for this single attack, gains all the benefits of leading a Mass Social Combat unit, and the singing or dancing skill of the extras is largely irrelevant. After the spontaneous performance (which almost always involves both song and dance, though performance art is not prohibited), the extras dissipate back to their previous activities, thinking nothing of the performance (as an Illusion effect). Furthermore, all such extras gain a positive Intimacy toward the Solar as an Emotion effect.  This Compulsion costs only one Willpower to resist, but extras are only inclined to do so if the performance somehow endangers them (or if one or two choose to resist to provide a comedic lampshade on the performance).

New Abyssal Charm: Spine-Chilling Thriller AttitudeThis Charm is identical to its Solar Mirror, save that if the Charm affects extras other than animated dead, it leaves them with a negative Intimacy (generally of fear). Also, it has Haunting Apparition Trick as a prerequisite.


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  1. malfeas didn’t get one building off beauty without malice?

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