Custom Behemoth – Meterbuchus

August 27, 2010

First, before anything else, I want to send out a thank you. Frequent readers may have noticed that I have a shiny new header for the blog, something appropriate to the content. I have Devilfish from the White Wolf forums to thank for that. You did a bang-up job mashing together the pictures I sent, and you did it fast! Thank you again, Devilfish!

Second, I’ve whipped together a custom behemoth for your viewing pleasure! Behemoths are unique creatures, some spawned by the Primordials (or Yozis), some created by the Fair Folk, and some just categorized as behemoths because they don’t fit any other designation. The following is a sample… hope you enjoy it!

Meterbuchus, the Unyoked Sorcery

Meterbuchus, the Unyoked Sorcery

Originally crafted by Oramus from his nightmare visions, Meterbuchus was an errant scrap of thaumaturgy that became… something more. The irrational ratio, the constant remainder, Meterbuchus began its existence as nothing more than a constant, a number which never divided out of all Oramus’ rituals. He was always leftover, always without worth, and yet, Oramus saw within him that which could not be shackled. The Dragon beyond the World turned his attention to the nascent behemoth, and a form was conceived.

Oramus was not content letting Meterbuchus grow uninhibited, for even then, there was a hint of the trapped about the Dragon beyond the World. Perhaps it was some echo of his future fate, or perhaps it was simply his nature to fetter others while striving to remain unfettered himself. Regardless, he took the concept of Meterbuchus, and he imprisoned it within a form drawn from Oramus’ own nightmares, a many-eyed head with no mouth or features. A massive, leonine trunk crafted of flawless, faceted ice and scales. Wings formed of purest white feathers, their shadows that of leathery horror. Of these, Oramus created a shell for Meterbuchus, and he blew the flame of the Unyoked Sorcery into this husk, imprisoning it therein.

Meterbuchus has slept since the Primordial War, slumbering deep beneath the Southern sands, for when his maker was shackled, it drew much of the behemoth’s inner fire into Malfeas with him. Still, the land has not been quiescent since, and every ritual, every spell cast feeds Meterbuchus a little more. He nearly woke in the First Age, but he settled back into slumber with the fall of the Deliberative. Now, as the Solar Exalted return, and their sorcery sees Creation once more, he grows fitful.

Motivation: Devour enough Essence to free himself from his shape.

Attributes: Strength 20, Dexterity 15, Stamina 18; Charisma 7, Manipulation 8, Appearance 8; Perception 10, Intelligence 10, Wits 10

Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 5, Temperance 5, Valor 3

Abilities: Athletics 6, Awareness 5, Dodge 5, Integrity 7, Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Others: Flametongue) 1, Lore 10, Martial Arts 8, Occult 10 (Thaumaturgy +3), Presence 5, Resistance 8, Stealth 3, Survival 8 (The South +1), War 8

Backgrounds: Cult 2


Consume Sorcery: Meterbuchus can rend spells asunder, functionally emulating the Lunar Charm “Sorcery-Rending Talons.” Should the behemoth attempt to sunder a Necromancy spell, this power automatically fails (though all costs are still paid), and Meterbuchus suffers one level of Aggravated damage per circle of the Necromancy spell. Against Protocols, this power merely fails, though no costs are paid.

Essence Absorption: Meterbuchus feeds on the Essence utilized in spells and rituals, for in each, he is constantly present. He regains 1 mote whenever a thaumaturgy ritual is performed within ten miles of his form. He regains 5 motes and one Willpower from any Terrestrial Circle spell, 10 motes and two Willpower from any Celestial Circle spell, or 15 motes and three Willpower from any Solar Circle spell cast within that same distance. Technically, he regains Essence from every such spell or ritual performed in Creation, but the quantities harvested from anything further cannot be meaningfully measured in anything less than hours. He gains no benefit from Necromancy or Protocols.

Essence Inversion: For a cost of 20 motes, Meterbuchus can breathe a portion of his raging Essence soul out in a torrent of raw, elemental Essence that warps and destroys that which it touches. Anything damaged by this attack (see below) must immediately resist Wyld mutation as though exposed to the Deep Wyld (see The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. II – The Wyld, pp. 139-140), with an internal penalty equal to the damage dealt by the attack. Mutations tend to follow a Malfean theme, but since they ultimately touch on the dreams of Oramus, they are not wholly limited.  Mutations may vary from target to target.  However, as this is a Desecration effect, the first mutation thus imposed must be the Creature of Darkness mutation, if the victim is not already.  This is a single attack that is emitted from the very core of Meterbuchus himself, simultaneously affecting everyone within twenty yards. Meterbuchus makes a single attack roll, comparing it to the DVs of all to be affected, but rolls damage separately for each affected target.

Regeneration: Like most behemoths, Meterbuchus cannot be slain simply by straightforward violence. He will never truly die until he is freed from his corporeal chains, and even then he will merely evolve into something new. If reduced to his Incapacitated Health Level, Meterbuchus falls into a deep slumber, and further damage dealt to him is applied to his infinite Dying Health Levels. Meterbuchus does not heal as normal creatures do, instead reinforcing his Essence matrix over time and through force of will. Healing a single level of Bashing damage costs 10 motes, a level of Lethal damage costs 50 motes, and a level of Aggravated damage costs 100 motes.

Sorcery: Meterbuchus does not actually know any Sorcery, but he can emulate any Sorcery spell of the Terrestrial Circle for twice the listed mote cost, following all the same rules for casting spells. He can also serve as an instructor for any of these spells.

Join Battle: 15


Claw – Speed 5, Accuracy 24, Damage 20L, Parry DV 13, Rate 3, Tags N

Essence Inversion – Speed 6, Accuracy 23, Damage 18L, Parry DV -, Range 20, Rate 1, Tags F, P

Soak: 28B/19L (Nightmare Hide 10B/10L, Hardness 10)

Health Levels: -0x10/-1×10/-2×10/-4/Incap

Dodge DV: 9 Willpower: 9

Essence: 3 Essence Pool: 100

Other Notes: Meterbuchus benefits (and suffers) from the effects of the Huge mutation (already factored into his stats above). He enjoys telling stories to others of the rituals and nightmares he has seen, though others rarely seem to enjoy his tales. Anyone who listens to the entirety of one of Meterbuchus’ yarns immediately gains a negative Intimacy toward him as an Emotion effect. It is said that someone who listens to every story Meterbuchus knows might diminish him with each story, until he were freed from his prison of flesh. It is also said that someone who listens to every story becomes another being like Meterbuchus himself. Neither (or both) may be true. Meterbuchus does not actually possess a Cult; his Background represents the accumulation of Essence from thaumaturgy and sorcery used throughout the world. Individuals might seek Meterbuchus out as a tutor for sorcery or thaumaturgy. He is also a source of a wealth of information pertaining to Oramus himself, and so might be sought be those who wish to defeat (or free) the Yozi.



  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Octopoid! You’ve got a great blog here.

    • Thank YOU! Without you, I’d still have that godawful golf ball header! I don’t know if you play Exalted or not, but you (and anyone else) are more than welcome to use any or all of the material I’ve posted here.

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