Lunar Knacks – Soul Reaver

August 13, 2010

While working with the folks over at the official Exalted forums, I stumbled across a request for Lunar Knacks that would allow the Lunar to become some sort of sentient weapon, like Soul Reaver.  While I’m only a little familiar with Soul Reaver, I immediately leapt into the project, because it sounded neat.  Below, please enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Bloody Steel Dream Incarnation
Mins: Stamina 4, Essence 4

This Knack allows the Lunar to add the shapes of mundane weapons to her Heart’s Blood library by wielding them for a scene of combat or training in lieu of a Sacred Hunt.  She appears as an exact copy of the weapon wielded, though her base statistics are those of a normal quality weapon and she does not produce her own ammunition.  She may allocate a number of bonuses or penalties equal to her Stamina to her weapon characteristics, distributed as per exceptional weapons, though no single trait may be increased or decreased by more than two points.  She may Reflexively reallocate her bonuses or penalties once during each of her wielder’s actions.

In this shape, the Lunar cannot take any actions using Physical or Social Attributes save reallocation of her traits and shapeshifting.  She can take purely Mental actions normally.  If wielded by her Solar Mate, she may add her Solar Bond rating to her Stamina for purposes of bonuses/penalties.  Otherwise, her traits (such as soak, Health Levels, Willpower, Virtues, etc.) are unchanged.

Iron Claw Transfiguration

Mins: Stamina 5, Essence 5
Prerequisite Charms: Bloody Steel Dream Incarnation

This Knack enhances its prerequisite, allowing the Lunar to activate Charms while in the shape of a weapon.  She may only activate those Charms that enhance her natural attacks (in which case they enhance her weapon statistics subject to all normal stacking rules) or Supplemental Charms that enhance attacks appropriate to her weapon type.  In this second case, they enhance any attacks made with her, but count toward her user’s dice caps as normal unless she is being wielded by her Solar Mate.


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