N.E.C.R.O.N. Weaponry

August 4, 2010

Since I stole the N.E.C.R.O.N.s whole cloth from Warhammer 40k, I figure I may as well continue that trend. In the sample mass combat unit write-up, I mentioned that the N.E.C.R.O.N.s were armed with necrotic Essence cannons… so, here are those cannons!

Necrotic Essence Cannon (Artifact 3 to 5)

Crafted in the hellish soulforges of the Sepulchral Pharaoh amid Stygian Dunes, these necrotech weapons are currently used exclusively by his N.E.C.R.O.N. soldiers and his loyal Abyssals. Each is a soulsteel frame housing a single, glowing rod of stone mined directly from the heart of the Labyrinth and infused with necrotic Essence. Necrosis cannons range in size from hand-held weapons roughly the size of firewands to massive weapons units that must be mounted on some manner of vehicle or structure.

When fired, the necrosis cannon channels the user’s Essence through the necrosis rod into a devastating blast of destructive rot, a crackling green bolt of lightning that strips flesh from bone and peel away layers of armor. Used against the living, its wounds manifest as gruesome rending of muscle and fat, flaying their victims until little remains but wet piles of meat (in fact, the small necrosis cannon is often referred to as a necrosis flayer for just this reason). The horrific agony of these weapons produces such psychic trauma that mortals slain by them almost always become ghosts.

Used against spirits or the dead, these weapons are somehow even more horrific. A ghost or spirit wounded by one of these weapons feels part of their Essence matrix stripped away, consumed by the weapon. A spirit slain by one of these weapons is rendered into a thick, Essence-rich slurry which can be used by a skilled necrotechnician in the creation of ever more horrible soulsteel creations. Perhaps fortunately, these weapons possess no inherent ability to strike the immaterial, nor can they permanently slay gods, elementals, or demons without some additional magic. However, ghosts whose last health level is lost to one of these cannons are “dead” permanently, barring some magic that retrieves their maddened souls from the soulsteel into which they are eventually forged.

Necrosis cannons come in multiple categories, each larger and more potent than the last. The Essence cost of each model has two values separated by a slash. The first value indicates its attunement cost; the second value measures the number of motes required to power each blast. Necrosis cannons use the Archery Ability.

Small (Artifact 3, Repair 2): This firewand-sized weapon fits comfortably in a two-handed grip. Some are mounted on chariots or other light military vehicles.

Medium (Artifact 4, Repair 3): Too large to wield as a personal weapon save by the largest of necrotech creations, this cumbersome apparatus – roughly the size of a small pony – generally requires a two-man team to move and fire. While usable in the field, it is more commonly mounted on ships, chariots, and battlements. An inhumanly strong wielder (Str 6+) may carry and fire the cannon, but he suffers a -3 internal penalty for unwieldy size in addition to any penalties he may suffer for failing to meet its minimum Strength requirements.

Large (Artifact 5, Repair 4): Large as a wagon, a heavy necrosis cannon requires a fixed emplacement to function. Only fortresses and the largest military vehicles can accommodate them. The cannon’s rate of 1/2 indicates that the character firing it may only do so once every two actions.

Small: Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage 8L/2, Rate 1, Range 75, Cost 4/3, Mins Str 3, Tags F, O

Medium: Speed 6, Accuracy +0, Damage 15L/3, Rate 1, Range 100, Cost 8/5, Mins Str 7, Tags F, O

Large: Speed 8, Accuracy -2, Damage 20L/4, Rate 1/2, Range 150, Cost 12/7, Mins -, Tags F, O


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  1. Really awesome!

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