1.21 Jigamotes?!?!

July 30, 2010

I’m not exactly sure how to follow up John Mørke’s interview (thank you again, John!), so I thought I’d produce something silly.  In Exalted, one of the very few forbidden things is time travel.  However, sometimes, those rules need to broken for a good laugh.  What follows is an Alchemical Charm that explicitly violates the rules of the game, but is humorous nonetheless.  I would never encourage anyone to use this in their game… but if you want to, feel free!

Jigamote Flux Capacitor
8m or 1.21 jigamotes [1m]; Mins: Dexterity 4, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Six ticks
Prerequisite Charms: Accelerated Response System (Dodge configuration)

This Charm takes the shape of a starmetal box usually implanted on the Alchemical’s Essence reservoir, with a series of blue lights in a “Y” shape.  When activated, it allows the Alchemical to briefly leap forward through time, leaving a trail of fiery footprints behind.  To activate the Charm, the Alchemical must first accelerate to a Dash speed of 44 yards per tick.  When activated, the Alchemical vanishes in a flash of lightning and light, leaving a string of fiery footprints along the path he would have followed, only to reappear in the exact same location (with the same momentum) six ticks later.  For those six ticks, the Alchemical is an invalid target for all effects, and any effects currently afflicting the Alchemical are placed in abeyance until he reappears.  By the same token, the Alchemical cannot act for those six ticks, as he effectively does not exist.  When he reappears, all effects resume normally.  If used as a perfect defense, this Charm’s Dash requirement and action limitations count as a unique Flaw of Invulnerability.  If the Alchemical would reappear in a location that has subsequently become coterminous with another object, he instead appears as close to that location as possible.

It is said that, should the Alchemical be able to spend 1.21 jigamotes on this Charm, it could send the Alchemical into either the past or future as far as desired, though this is a purely theoretical notation.  No Alchemical has been able to successfully test this theory to date.


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  1. This is really hilarious 😀

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