Sample Mass Combat Unit

July 23, 2010

Below is a sample mass combat unit, a supplementary piece for those interested in utilizing the Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus, or any Deathlord heavy into necrotechnology.  The following are the Nemissary Extra-Corporeality Relocation Ordnance Necrotech, or N.E.C.R.O.N. warriors!  (Yes, these are ported whole cloth from Warhammer 40k.)

N.E.C.R.O.N. Warriors

Commanding Officer: Bleak Whisper

Armor Color: Soulsteel-grey

Motto: “No mercy!”

General Makeup: Ten nemissaries in special N.E.C.R.O.N. armor

Overall Quality: Excellent

Magnitude: 1

Drill: 4

Close Combat Attack: 5           Close Combat Damage: 3

Ranged Attack: 5                          Ranged Damage: 4

Endurance: 11                 Might: 6                      Armor: 3 (-2 Mobility)

Morale: 5

Formation: Relaxed

The N.E.C.R.O.N.s are armed with Small Necrotic Essence Cannons, and usually have no special characters.  Abyssals, of course, would fit in quite well as temporary leaders.


One comment

  1. Wondering what kind of stats could have those Cannons.
    Maybe similar to Solar Cannons?

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