With Apologies to Stan Lee – Part IV

July 16, 2010

The last (for now) of my Marvel-inspired Artifacts comes from that lovable, multi-limbed villain, Otto Octavius, better known as Doctor Octopus, or Doc Ock.  Naturally, this particular character has a special place in my cephalopod heart, and his particular apparatus deserves special mention here on Octopoid Prevarication.  Without further ado, I present: the Octopoid Tentacular Apparatus.

Octopoid Tentacular Apparatus (Artifact 4)

This unique (but by no means induplicable) artifact was designed by a Second Age savant, seeking new and safer methods of handling unstable Wyld energies.  He created a set of telescoping limbs that aided him in the manipulation of such energies, as well as enhancing his own capabilities.  Unsatisfied with a simple tool, he also gave them an Animating Intelligence.

The Octopoid Tentacular Apparatus appears as a girdle of starmetal and orichalcum set with four telescoping tentacles.  Each of these appendages is capped with a moonsilver claw, capable of altering its shape to perform as a tool for the bearer.  The back of the girdle extrudes a soulsteel and jade spine which fuses over the bearer’s own, joining the AI and the user.

When worn and attuned for a cost of ten motes, the Octopoid Tentacular Apparatus grants its bearer a number of abilities.  Primarily, the arms can mimic the traits of any tool or mundane close combat weapon desired by the user, shifting between templates as a Miscellaneous action.  There are four arms, and each may contain a different template.  For purposes of crafting, these arms (if used as tools) are treated as a perfect workshop.  Additionally, the arms have a Strength of 5 for all relevant purposes, and the user can use the arms’ Strength in place of his own (or in place of his Dexterity for the purposes of calculating Move and Dash speeds).  All close combat weapons mimed or utilized by the arms gain the R tag.  While worn and attuned, the Apparatus also functions as an Artifact Breastplate, though due to its composite structure, it gains no Magical Material bonus.

Perhaps the arms’ greatest feature, however, is their ability to manipulate Wyld energies.  While attuned, the user adds six dice to all rolls made in conjunction with Wyld shaping (most often through Wyld-Shaping Technique or Wyld Cauldron Technology).  This does not count as dice added by Charms.  He likewise adds six dice to resist Wyld mutation or addiction, as the AI provides a modest buffer against the effects of rampant chaos energies.

If necessary, the Apparatus can function independently from the user, though in a limited capacity.  If attuned but not worn, the user can send mental commands to the Apparatus, allowing it to move and act on its own.  Its Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina are treated as 5, its Perception, Intelligence, and Wits are 1, and all other Attributes or Abilities are 0.  It can unerringly locate its attuned user, and can follow commands sent telepathically by the user (who has no extrasensory ability to perceive the arms) so long as both remain on the same plane of existence.



  1. I’ll leave a comment only here, as I don’t want to spam in your blog 😀
    I’m kinda stealing all your work, as it’s awesome and very useful, for my next campaigns.
    Keep up the good work 😀

    • It is my absolute and unabashed pleasure. Please, steal all you like, and I hope my future work, limited as it may be, continues to see use! Thank you!

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