With Apologies to Stan Lee – Part III

July 14, 2010

Of all the Marvel “artifacts,” none seem so iconic to me as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.  Drawn directly from Norse legend and empowered with all the might of a comic book superhero, Mjolnir stands out as both a potent weapon and one of those items that make the hero himself seem incomplete without it.  Like Elric’s sword, Thor’s hammer is an important piece of the whole.  For your viewing pleasure, then, I present: That Which Smashes.

That Which Smashes (Artifact 5)

Forged during the Primordial War by Autochthon himself for the mightiest Zenith in all the Exalted host, That Which Smashes is a potent weapon, with numerous enchantments layered on its mighty frame.  It appears to be an orichalcum goremaul (with all the appropriate statistics thereof), except that it costs ten motes to attune.  However, a physical weapon is the least of the roles played by That Which Smashes.

That Which Smashes has an inscription on its side, which appears written in Old Realm but can be read by any sentient being.  The inscription reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess its power.”  This is a warning to those who would attempt to wield it.  Only those deemed worthy by the hammer can lift the item, and only those attuned in any case.  Mortals are almost never considered worthy, while the bearer of the original Zenith’s Exaltation is almost always considered worthy.  To anyone else, the hammer is treated as though it weighed an amount requiring one point of Strength more than the attempted wielder possesses.  That is, it is always just too heavy to lift, no matter how strong the individual becomes, magically changing its “weight” as necessary.  This is a perfect effect which never exerts more weight on a surface than the hammer’s actual mass would indicate.  Should this perfect effect be contested by another perfect effect, That Which Smashes has a die pool of 20 on the subsequent roll-off.  As a general guideline for worthiness, Creatures of Darkness are almost never considered “worthy” (since they cannot use it at any rate), while non-mortals with one or more Virtues rated 5+ are almost always considered “worthy”.  In the end, the final decision rests with the Storyteller.  Should the Storyteller abuse this power to the detriment of his players, they are encouraged to beat him with sacks of oranges or whatever is handy.

That Which Smashes is a Holy weapon, meaning it deals aggravated damage to Creatures of Darkness.  It possesses a mystical link to its attuned wielder, who can summon it reflexively for no cost as though using the Solar Charm Call the Blade.  Should an outside force attempt to restrain the hammer, That Which Smashes resists as though it had a Strength + Athletics total of 20.

That Which Smashes allows the wielder to use the Weather Control power at normal cost as though the wielder possessed the spirit Charm of the same name.  It can be thrown with its normal Accuracy and Damage with a Range of 40.  While attuned, the bearer’s Strength + Athletics score is increased by half (round up) for the purposes of lifting or breaking objects.  This increase does not count as dice gained from Charms.  Finally, That Which Smashes is completely and utterly invulnerable, immune to damage from all sources, above and beyond the normal indestructibility of the Magical Materials.  Should some force overcome this invulnerability, That Which Smashes will reform after one Lunar month in the locked workshop of Autochthon in Yu-Shan, adjacent to the Jade Pleasure Dome.


One comment

  1. This iconic weapon seems most readily adapted into Exalted artifact. Obviously, being originally wielded by a god gives it more of that magic flavor. However, the tentacular apparatus is probably more useful and interesting.

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