With Apologies to Stan Lee – Part II

July 12, 2010

Inspired as I was by the latest Iron Man movies, I’ve completely stolen his signature armor and re-tooled it into a few neat items for use in Exalted.  Please, enjoy what I’ve produced below, and may they help you incorporate some comic book thematics into your game.

Life-Support Prosthetic (Artifact 2)

Designed to keep its wearer alive after suffering Crippling injury, the Life-Support Prosthetic allows the attuned wearer to ignore all negative effects from one Crippling condition so long as the Prosthetic is attuned and worn. Regardless of the form it takes, whether a gauntlet or chestplate, it provides all the same benefits as an Artifact Breastplate, with all appropriate Magical Material bonuses.  Its attunement remains as normal.  However, the Prosthetic requires a Level 2+ Hearthstone to function.  Artifact 1 versions of this item exist, though they provide the benefits of a Hearthstone Amulet rather than a Breastplate.

Modular Combat Attire (Artifact 5)

Created as an accompaniment and expansion to the Life-Support Prosthetic, the Modular Combat Attire is a modified version of Celestial Battle Armor.  When attuned atop the Life-Support Prosthetic, the two armors fuse into a more puissant suite of abilities.  Used in this fashion, the Life-Support Prosthetic and Modular Combat Attire together require a single Level 5+ Hearthstone to function.

In essence, the Modular Combat Attire supersedes the Life-Support Prosthetic, granting armor and all the normal bonuses of Celestial Battle Armor, with two important distinctions.  First, the Modular Combat Attire retains the benefit of the Life-Support Prosthetic, allowing the bearer to ignore the deleterious effect of a single Crippling condition so long as the Attire is attuned.

Its secondary effect allows the user to switch out secondary benefits of Celestial Battle Armor, choosing as normal from all the usual abilities offered per the suit’s appropriate Magical Material.  This does not grant any additional benefits, though the user can change out what effects and abilities he wishes.  Altering the Attire’s configuration is an hour-long Dramatic action that requires no roll, but requires at least a master’s workshop.

Stationary Hauberk-Applying Station (Two-Point Manse Power)

This power is usually expressed as a series of mechanical pistons and limbs which unfold on command from the walls, ceiling, and/or floor of the Manse or workshop.  They dramatically assist in the donning of armor, essentially functioning as the Solar Charm Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana, save that the Manse pays the Charm’s cost from its Essence reserves.


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