Custom Necromancy

July 7, 2010

Continuing the Necromancy theme of the week, I’ve created a pair of Necromancy spells, both to be utilized by a custom Deathlord, the Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus.  Both are somewhat Egyptian-themed, but they could easily be re-skinned to see use by any Deathlord, canon or homemade.

Sands Wet with Tears (Labyrinth Circle Spell)
30 motes
Target: Area

Upon casting this spell, the necromancer hurls a handful of black sand before him, which spreads to expand over an area 30 yards wide and 100 yards long, glittering obsidian in the light.  This is an unblockable area attack, made using the necromancer’s (Perception + Occult) and adding a number of automatic successes equal to his Essence.  The attack deals 8L damage plus net attack successes.

Those slain by this attack rise from the sand on the following tick, black grains still clinging to their bodies.  These grains expand and wrap around the animated corpses, shrouding them in black bandages.  The mummies are non-extra walking dead, wholly subject to the will of the necromancer.  The mummies decay over the next lunar month, falling to pieces at the rising of the new moon, whether they are in Creation or the Underworld.

Ever-Hungering Scarab Carpet (Void Circle Spell)
50 motes
Target: Area

This Spell opens a hole in Creation or the Underworld, burrowing directly into the Labyrinth.  From that hole spews a fountain of black sand, and from that fountain spew a million starving scarabs.  With a gesture from the necromancer, they pour directly outward and away, consuming everything in a single, direct path.

The scarabs are treated as an environmental hazard with Damage 10L and Trauma equal to the necromancer’s Essence.  They cover an area 100 yards wide and 10 yards deep, moving forward at a rate of 10 yards per tick (roughly 20 mph).  The scarabs continue to move forward until dispelled by countermagic, until the sun next crosses the horizon, or until five hours have passed.  Each beetle has a single health level and no measureable soak.  While slaying them individually is nigh impossible, as they number in the millions, an area of effect attack that encompasses all the beetles will efficiently slay the swarm.

Those slain by this spell are left little more than skeletons, while plant matter is rendered into little more than rotting vegetation.  The area behind the wave of scarabs is treated in all ways as a shadowland, which endures for one full lunar month.


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