Thinker’s Spells

July 2, 2010

To finish up the Sorcery-themed week, the following is a pair of spells initially produced in First Edition, later updated by me, and then finally adapted and adjusted by “thinker,” one of the regulars on the White Wolf forums.  I’d like to thank thinker for producing these, because they accomplish the goals I had when I updated the First Edition spells, and they do it better than I did.

Next Summer Bloom (Terrestrial Circle Spell)
Cost: 15m
Target: One living creature
This powerful spell causes any one life form to grow to full physical maturity in a matter of moments.  This spell can only bring a creature to adult maturity and cannot age a specimen past its prime growth.  Hence, a sorcerer cannot cripple a target with the infirmities of old age through use of this spell.  Animals to be subject to this spell can be no larger than a yeddim or tyrant lizard when full grown.  The static Essence of plants allows for more leeway, generally permitting targets that will grow up to the size of a great redwood or similarly massive (but not mythic) proportions.
The caster surrounds the target with a curtain of brilliant chartreuse Essence that flares bright green and yellow as he chants the words to the spell.  When he is finished, the Essence fades into the creature, and it begins to grow.  Once the spell is completed, the creature will grow without maintenance at the rate of one year of life per Miscellaneous Action until adulthood is reached.  Small plants instantly sprout roots and bloom, baby animals grow up in a few minutes, and an acorn will bloom to become a full oak tree in less than an hour.
Any plant targeted by Force of Life’s Summer not only grows to maturity, but also appears as it would during the late summer months of its annual life cycle.  Thus, vegetables and grain can be harvested, ornamental flowers will bloom, and trees will bear fruit.
Animals targeted by this spell not only become adult specimens, but are rendered tame and friendly toward the caster as if he had raised them.  The animal gains a positive Intimacy toward the sorcerer with the emotional context of familiarity, and the sorcerer treats the animal’s Control Rating as one lower.  
Sentient creatures targeted by this spell age to physical maturity, developing any characteristics appropriate to their species and parentage as they do so (possibly including physical effects from factors like Inheritance) generally meaning the average physical, mental and social attributes for their species.  They gain no Abilities, Charms, or similar traits, and their Virtues remain at 1, leaving them generally as helpless as large, physically independent infants.  This can make them dangerous to the caster if the subject is, for example, a Dragon King.  
Use of this spell neither triggers nor precludes a later triggering of latent Terrestrial breeding.
Force of Life’s Summer (Celestial Circle Spell)
Cost: 25m+
Target: One living creature
This far more powerful variant on the Terrestrial spell Next Summer Bloom begins with a similar ritual invocation.  However, this spell requires a much larger investment of Essence and attention from the caster, as she may literally shape the subject both in body and mind as it matures.
For each mote invested in this spell’s casting beyond the base cost, the caster may allocate one bonus point worth of traits to the subject as it matures.  These bonus points are spent according to the subject’s own advancement, with animals advancing as Heroic mortals.  These can be spent to increase its Attributes (which begin from the average for the creature’s species), Abilities (which begin at 0), including specialties, and Virtues (which begin at 1).  The caster may even teach the subject Charms she knows if the subject is capable of learning them.  Backgrounds may not be raised through use of this spell.  No trait imbued upon the subject this way may exceed the relevant trait of the caster. The caster may also inflict on the subject a single Intimacy towards herself with any context she desires.  If the caster knows High Holy Speech, has an Essence score of 4+, and Solar-aspected Essence or spiritual Essence associated with the Unconquered Sun or Dragon Kings (such as Celestial Lions or various Dragon King deities) this spell may also be used to raise a Dragon King’s Essence to 2 and awaken its sentience for 7 bonus points from the pool. 
The knowledge imbued by this Charm is embedded into the mind of the target below the level of awareness.  When it matures, it possesses no memories of where it learned its skills, though it understands the context of its current situation due to the link between its mind and the caster’s.

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