First Edition Spells

June 30, 2010

The following are both spells created by the writers of Exalted: First Edition.  I did not conceive of these spells.  I merely updated their mechanics to function with the changes to Second Edition.  However, I think I have done so fairly well, and so would like to offer them for those other players who would like to use said spells.  Once again, I did not create these spells; I merely updated them.

Calling the Gulls with Beaks of Steel (Terrestrial Circle Spell)
25 motes
Target: One structure

With this spell, a sorcerer can summon a horde of sorcerous birds driven by an unquenchable hunger.  These birds look like normal seagulls, save for their steel beaks and talons, their glowing topaz eyes, and their size, twice that of normal birds.  They descend on their target, usually a seagoing vessel but potentially any structure, and devour all the non-living organic material they can find.  They will eat a man’s clothes from his body while leaving the flesh beneath untouched and peck the silk ribbons out of a woman’s hair.  More to the point, they will happily chew up wood, rope, and sails on a ship or wooden walls and floors on a targeted structure.

This spell lasts for (the sorcerer’s Essence x2) Actions, during which time the gulls attack the target structure.  The flock’s gnawing and clawing reduces the soaks (Bashing and Lethal) of the target by one point per action, cumulative, until either the flock is driven away or the spell ends.  Damage to the structure remains until repaired.

The birds can be attacked comparatively easily, as they make no real attempt to defend themselves apart from dodging if attacked.  The flock as a whole has Health Levels and Dodge DV equal to those of the summoning sorcerer, a Bashing soak equal to the sorcerer’s Perception, and Lethal soak equal to the sorcerer’s Intelligence.  The birds draw their strength from the summoner’s spirit, and a weak sorcerer produces a poor flock. 

At the end of the spell’s duration, the flock disperses, cawing rudely.

The Tree’s Many Branches (Terrestrial Circle Spell)
Cost: 10 motes, plus 5 motes per additional pair of limbs
Target: Caster

Until the sun next crosses the horizon, the caster causes his Essence to coalesce on his body, sprouting into pairs of arms or legs.  These arms begin as leafy, green sprouts and grow in the space of a tick into bark-covered branches.  When the spell is finished casting, the bark crumbles and explodes, revealing fully functional, magical copies of the sorcerer’s original arms or legs.  These limbs have the same Physical Attributes as the rest of the sorcerer’s body.

When initially cast, this spell grows one set of limbs, though the caster can grow additional sets of limbs at the cost of five motes per pair.  For each pair of limbs that is grown, the caster gains the benefit of the Multiple Limbs mutation.  For each set of arms the caster grows, he cumulatively reduces multiple action penalties by one, to a minimum of one.  For each set of legs he grows, he cumulatively adds five yards to his Move and Dash speeds and one die to resist Knockdown or Knockback effects.

In addition, each set of limbs grown grants the sorcerer one temporary -0 Health Level.  Wounds taken by the caster are applied to these Health Levels first, and they cannot be healed by any means.  Losing these Health Levels does not destroy the extra limbs.

At the end of the spell, or when the caster is slain, the arms turn into dead wood and fall off the sorcerer’s body.  A character cannot grow more sets of limbs than he has points of permanent Essence.


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