Celestial Directions – Malfeas

June 16, 2010

Just like Heaven is not like the Western Heaven, Hell is not the Western Hell.  Hell is not a place where bad people go when they die to have their sins punished out of them.  It is a political prison, the home of the Yozis, those Primordials who lost the Primordial War and were metaphysically (and sometimes physically) altered to better be imprisoned.

The geography of Hell is madness.  The exact size is difficult to measure, as it seems to constantly change.  Hell is Malfeas, the Demon City, who was once the King of the Universe.  When he surrendered, his body was broken and folded in on itself to make the walls of the demon prison.  He is a series of layers, with Ligier, the Green Sun, his fetich soul burning hot and angry at the center of each one.  Around him is strewn his sister, Cecelyne, the Endless Desert, who keeps the demon population trapped inside Malfeas. 

The Yozi are both physically and metaphysically enormous.  They are geographical features as often as not.  Each Yozi has twenty or more subsidiary souls, with each of those having seven Second Circle souls.  Most of the Second Circle demons have produced First Circle demon races, and some have produced numerous.  The population of Hell is vast and overwhelming.

And yet, it is not limited to demons.  Humans live there sometimes, though the very world is inimical to their lives.  Ghosts find relief from the constant drabness of the Underworld in the mania of the Demon City.  Fair Folk occasionally play out their dramas in Malfeas.  Even gods and Exalts can find places in Hell, though they have to watch their step more than most.

With the coming of the Green Sun Princes, Malfeas is in even more a furor than usual.  Akuma, Exalted who have sold their souls to the Yozi for more power, work alongside demons of all circles to prepare for the Reclamation, the return of the Yozis to Creation.  Perhaps most importantly, the Ebon Dragon has announced his marriage, and his wedding plans coincide with the Reclamation nicely.  All Malfeas is whipped into a frenzy, and only time will tell whether or not its celebrations are justified.


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