With Apologies to Stan Lee: Part One

June 7, 2010

Recently, I’ve been working with my roommate to translate other materials into Exalted, to give him a better idea of how character tropes are realized within the game.  As a part of that, we’ve been taking famous comic book personalities and making them into Exalted.  For the most part, that has been fairly easy, though some of the more outlandish superpowers don’t have immediate and direct analogs in the game.  However, some of the characters have fairly iconic accessories, and translating those has been both challenging and fun.  For your consumer pleasure, this is the first of those iconic accessories as an Exalted Artifact.

The Captain’s Aegis (Artifact 3)

Forged from a unique alloy of starmetal and orichalcum, the Captain’s Aegis was the crowning achievement of a First Age Twilight, given to his Dawn circlemate for battle with the Primordials and their ilk.  It appears as a concave, disc-shaped shield 30 inches in diameter and weighing twelve pounds.  Over the centuries, it has sported numerous insignias on its side, but the most common (and most iconic) is a single, five-pointed star in the center of a series of concentric circles.

When attuned, for a cost of eight motes, it functions as a shield using the stat bar below.  When used as a Thrown weapon, the shield returns instantly to its wielder’s hand, ignoring the need for ammunition.  All stunts performed while using the Captain’s Aegis as a Thrown weapon have their bonus dice (but not stunt rewards) doubled.  Finally, regardless of how the Aegis is used, the bearer is made immune to Knockdown (but not Knockback) effects while attuned.  The Aegis itself is utterly indestructible, above and beyond the normal invulnerability of the Magical Materials.  Should an effect somehow contest this invulnerability, the Aegis adds a flat five successes to any subsequent roll off.  If somehow destroyed, the Captain’s Aegis does not possess any power to automatically reform.  Due to its composite nature, the Captain’s Aegis does not receive any of the usual Magical Material bonuses.

The Captain’s Aegis
Speed     Accuracy     Damage     Defense     Rate    
Range:     Tags:

5             +2                 +4B            +6               3        40        M, Sh 0, T


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