Motonic Amplification Instrument

May 24, 2010

This one has gotten some good responses from the Exalted forums, so I’ll go ahead and toss it out here for public consumption!  This is a home-brew artifact of my own design, made specifically for an Infernal character I’ll never play.  Still, he will be able to sit, alone and unused, in my character folder, playing his motonic amplification instrument and singing the blues.

Motonic Amplification Instrument (Artifact 3)

Originally developed by the First Age Twilight artisan Fender of Immortal Armies, the motonic amplification instruments are a blending of First Age motonic principles and acoustic amplification.  It was a normal instrument, save that it was made from amalgamations of the Magical Materials, through which the user’s Essence vibrated harmoniously, making the instrument an extension of the user’s will.  Variants abound, and the design has been consistently altered by musically-inclined artisans in the following centuries, but the most common reproduction is usually some manner of guitar.

Attuning to a motonic amplification instrument costs ten motes, which harmonizes the user’s Essence with that of the instrument itself.  Most often, the body of the instrument is made from orichalcum, while the neck and frets are moonsilver.  Starmetal machine heads anchor soulsteel strings over a jade bridge, anchoring the wails and screams of the strings in an auspicious pattern.  Most such guitars have six strings, though dual-necked versions have been known to exist.

Most basically, motonic amplification instruments grant a two-die bonus to all Performance rolls made using the instrument, due to their fine construction.  However, this would be a most banal use of motonic physics, if the motonic amplification instruments did not have further uses.  When attuned, these instruments vastly increase the range of their music, amplifying the sound such that it can be heard clearly up to a mile away.  Furthermore, if the user spends a point of Willpower when making a Performance-based Social attack, the soulsteel-strings begin to wail and shriek in harmony with the user’s words and music, making the Social attack unnatural mental influence.

Most often, these items were used in quiet, dignified performances by Solars to their gathered friends and RPCs, benefit concerts that raised funds for the nations.  Since the coming of the Abyssals and Infernals, however, new styles of music have cropped up in Creation, shrieking metallic ballads or morose requiems that lead crowds of slavering followers into iniquity and perfidy.



  1. Wow. That is some guitar. a jade bridge. Pictures?

    • I wish! As it stands, it’s solely an artificial construct for the Exalted game. If I can find someone to draw up a sketch, though, I’d gladly post it!

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