Exalted – Terrestrials (Wood Aspect)

May 18, 2010

The fifth and least Western element in Creation is Wood, and they may be my favorite Dragon-Blooded.

Wood lives. Wood Aspects grow and live and nurture by their very nature. They seek to experience all they can of life, to live life to its fullest. They expand, travel, and learn from all their experiences. They nurture others to do the same, and they share the wisdom they have learned from their experiences with those who will listen.

Wood Aspect Abilities are Archery, Medicine, Performance, Ride, and Survival. Their natural affinity with wood allows them excellence with bows and arrows, while their natural affinity with plants of all stripes gives them insight into their use as medicines and how to survive among them. Their verve gives them insight into performing and producing pleasing spectacles, while their desire to travel and experience makes them naturally skilled with riding living creatures.

Wood Aspects are associated with the Eastern direction, a direction dominated by massive forests and jungles where all manner of unusual life – plant, animal, and other – can be found. They are also, resonably enough, associated with the Season of Wood, the rich growing and harvesting season. Finally, they are associated with Saturn, the Maiden of Endings, for a part of life’s natural cycle is death. However, they understand that every ending is also a new beginning, and from the broken husk of a fallen tree, new life can find root.

Wood Aspects do have to watch out for their experiential tendencies, however. If left unchecked, they can rapidly become debauched. Experiencing everything can quickly turn to eating, drinking, and screwing oneself into a haze of drug- and alcohol-addled idiocy, and, indeed, one of the Great Houses is known for its depravities. If they are incautious, Wood Aspects might all find themselves watching women being devoured by jaguars or suchlike.

If someone is truly eager to live, to wring every drop of experience from life, and to encourage others to do the same, he might well be an excellent candidate for the Wood Aspect.


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