Exalted – Terrestrials (Water Aspect)

May 18, 2010

Water Aspects are more complicated than the others, but also more enjoyable (in my opinion). They are deep, adaptable, mysterious, peaceful… they are whatever they need to be.

Water flows. It seeks ways around or through any obstacle. Sometimes it is a gentle seepage that goes unnoticed for years. Sometimes it is a torrent that smashes the strongest dam. Whatever else it does, however, water flows. It is in constant motion, never settling, always expanding, changing. It fills whatever contains it, and as soon as it can, it escapes its container flowing… elsewhere.

Water Aspect Abilities are Bureaucracy (finding the cracks in a government system and flowing into and through), Investigation (relentlessly seeking a solution to a problem), Martial Arts (the ebb and flow of the body, mind, and soul), Larceny (slipping through cracks), and Sail (obviously).

Water Aspects are associated with the Western Direction, a direction mostly made up of ocean spattered with tiny islands. They are also associated with the Season of Water, a Spring-like season notable for wet weather and sometimes a lingering chill from the Season of Air. They are also associated with Jupiter, the Maiden of Secrets, for the sea holds many undiscovered treasures, and not even the Water Aspects themselves know all of them.

If someone is dedicated to overcoming any and all odds, through whatever means necessary, through whatever adaptations and changes they may need to make, they might be an excellent candidate for the Water Aspect.


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