Exalted – Terrestrials (Fire Aspect)

May 18, 2010

The Fire Aspect may be simultaneously the simplest to grasp and the most complex.

Fire burns. This is the truth at the heart of the Fire Aspect, and it is a simple one. Fire is dangerous. Fire is energy. Fire is heat and light and combustion. It is a metaphorical fire, burning in the heart and soul of every Fire Aspect, but it is also a literal fire, burning in the air around them or on their very weapons. Fire burns.

The Aspect Abilities for Fire are Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Presence, and Socialize. Fire is quick, fire is able to spread nearly anywhere, fire cannot be struck, and fire is dangerous. Fire Aspects can light a bonfire in the hearts of their enemies and allies, or sear their souls (or bodies) with the blaze inside themselves.

Passion is at the heart of the Fire Aspect, and it is this passion that is simultaneously their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. They do as they believe is right, and they believe with all the fury of their passions, but this passion, while it motivates them to change the world, also blinds them to the nuances of their situations and can lead to everyone around them getting burned.

Fire is associated with the Southern direction, a vast, hot desert that serves as crucible for those who live within it. They are also associated with the Season of Fire, the hot, burning summer that scorches the land and its people. But they are associated as well with Mercury, the Maiden of Journeys, for fire serves as a change and a motivator to go and do great things.

If an individual can be described as a firebrand, as having a fiery passion (or temper), or generally blazes hot while those around him are more content to mediocrity, he could well be an example of a Fire Aspect.


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