Exalted – Terrestrials (Earth Aspect)

May 18, 2010

The second Aspect of the Dragon-Blooded is Earth, and Earth abides. Earth exists. It endures. It is peaceful, unchanging (in our limited perception), but solid and dependable… though, when it does move, when its peace crumbles and a new facade is shown, it can render entire nations to rubble. The landslide and the earthquake are as much a part of the Earth Aspect as the eternal mountains.

The Aspect Abilities for Earth are Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance, and War. The earth touches nearly everything, and those in tune with it can perceive through it. It is through the lessons of the Earth that stone is shaped, and those lessons can be extrapolated to apply to any other craft. Earth endures, and so mental and physical resistance are both a part of the Aspect.

War seems the most out of place, but the theories behind it are the most reasonable. A good general is dependable but not predictable, stalwart, dedicated, and staunch in their duties. They can channel the rage of the unsubtle earth toward their enemies and leave nothing but dust in their wake.

The Earth Aspects are dependable, stern, and slow to change. They build their philosophies on the foundations of tradition. If you wish to convince an Earth Aspect that something must change, you have a long, hard fight on your hands. This is not to say they are stupid. In fact, they are usually very clever, and they are so entrenched in their positions because they have slowly and carefully considered all aspects and come to the conclusion that the old ways are the best ways.

Remember, though, that clay, too, is a part of the Earth, and the Aspect can, if properly sculpted, improve itself and shape itself to become something more. If not worked properly, however, they are more likely to break than bend.

The Aspect of Earth is associated with the Central direction, with the Blessed Isle itself and the Imperial Mountain, the tallest spire in Creation, visible on clear days from literally any point on the Blessed Isle. It is stable, and has always been. Even when the Fair Folk were at their strongest, none set so much as a toe on the Blessed Isle. It is also associated with the Season of Earth, which is sort of a late Spring, early Summer. Finally, it is associated with Mars, the Maiden of Battles, both for its facility with War and its dangerously explosive capability.

If an individual is set in his ways, a staunch defender of what he believes is right, is slow to anger and slow to come to a decision but stubbornly inflexible once he has come to that decision, if someone is dependable and reliable to a fault, then that person could well serve as an Earth Aspect.


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