Exalted – Terrestrials (Air Aspect)

May 18, 2010

The first Aspect of Dragon-Blooded is the Air Aspect. Like the Solars, Dragon-Blooded are Ability-based Exalts, but they are also tied closely to their elemental themes. Air, for example, permeates. It is everywhere, invisible. Air Aspects are airy, among other things, often with their heads in the clouds, dreaming about their ideal visions of the future, whether that be personally, professionally, or pragmatically. That doesn’t mean they’re airheads. Quite the opposite. Air Aspects tend to be the sorcerers, engineers, savants, and thinkers of the Terrestrials. They’re just not always operating with their feet on the ground.

The Aspect Abilities for Air are Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth, and Thrown. Air is everywhere, so the Air Aspects learn to communicate with everyone. Air is everywhere, so it knows everything. Air is everywhere, and yet no one sees it, until it explodes with the fury of a hurricane or tornado.

Aspects are much harder to exemplify than Castes. Castes are based around general roles (at least for the Solars), but Aspects are based around their elements and the associations of those elements. For example, Air is the element of the North, a frozen, icy land, and that association can make Air Aspects colder than usual, more emotionally detached. Air is also associated with Venus, the Maiden of Serenity, so Air Aspects can also be deceptively calm. Finally, the Season of Air (one of Creation’s five seasons) corresponds to our winter, and so Air Aspects can be icily deadly when the situation calls.

In short, any character that thinks in grandiose terms, that looks to the future rather than the present, and who hungers for knowledge, not for its own sake but for what he can do with it, is probably an Air Aspect.


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