Exalted – Solars (Zenith Caste)

May 18, 2010

The Zenith Caste Solar Exalted are its priests, orators, mountain men, prophets, and believers. While the one thing that unites the Dawn is conflict, the one thing that unites the Zenith is faith. Fortunately, this doesn’t HAVE to be a religious faith (though it certainly can be, and most often is – the Zenith are the priests of the Unconquered Sun, and are the only type of Solar Exalted guaranteed to receive a vision from him at the moment of Exaltation). Zenith can have faith in a god, in a system, in human nature, in themselves, in strength of arms… but whatever the Zenith believe, they Believe it.

The Caste Abilities of the Zenith are Integrity (resistance to mental influence), Performance (speaking to groups), Presence (speaking to individuals), Resistance (resistance to physical influence), and Survival (knowledge of the wilderness). They are extraordinarily self-reliant, the image of the man who wanders alone into the desert and returns ten years later as a prophet. They are (generally) charismatic, indefatigueable, unswerving paragons of their causes. This does mean they have an unusually high number of fanatics among them, but often, they are fanatics of pure, noble, and even Holy causes.

The Zenith are the guardians of the spirit and soul, warding off threats from the Fair Folk, ghosts, demons, and other, worse things. In Creation, “Holy” means imbued with the power of the Unconquered Sun, and “Creature of Darkness” means shunned by the Unconquered Sun. The Zenith are undoubtedly Holy (and have numerous magical powers that allow them to flex this Holy muscle), and they hunt and destroy Creatures of Darkness with a powerful zeal. It is the Zenith who are the spiritual (and often temporal) leaders among the Solars, and the staunchest defenders against the horrible, black, creeping things that scuttle at the edges of Creation.


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