Exalted – Solars (Twilight Caste)

May 18, 2010

No, this isn’t about the books of the same name. Thank God.

The third Caste of Solar Exalted is the Twilight Caste, the inventors, sages, scholars, surgeons, investigators, and sorcerers. The Caste Abilities of the Twilight are Craft, Investigation, Lore (history, literacy, general education), Medicine, and Occult. Of the types of Solar Exalted, the Twilight are the only Solars who are guaranteed facility with Sorcery, though others can certainly learn it.

In the First Age, the Twilights were the lorekeepers, the inventors, the producers and maintainers of wondrous artifacts, and the inventors of new Charms and spells that expanded on the Exalted’s natural abilities. They were the driving force behind the Black Nadir Concordat, the group that entered the Underworld to learn Necromancy. Ever pushing, ever seeking new knowledge and new magic, they were often the most esoteric (and sometimes the most horrific) of the Solars.

As they return in the Second Age, they find themselves with memories of a wondrous time, while they live surrounded by ignorance and squalor. Most of them have devoted themselves to rediscovering lost lore, spells, magic, artifacts, or whatever else they feel needs to be recovered from the ruins of the First Age. Others have sworn to learn from the lessons of their previous incarnations and learn NEW lore, rather than building on the (obviously!) faulty technologies of the First Age.

Whatever their path, however, the Twilight are most likely to change the face of the world in new or long-forgotten ways, to discover (or re-discover) the magitechnical procedures that expanded Creation, defended it from encroachers, and made life pleasant and easy for most of Creation. They will change the world through knowledge.


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