Exalted – Solars (Night Caste)

May 18, 2010

The fourth Caste of Solar Exalted is the Night Caste, the assassins, thieves, spies, con men, gymnasts, and all-around swashbucklers of the Solars. Their Caste Abilities are Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, and Stealth, and they use that (incredibly awesome) toolset to solve their problems with… creative solutions.

That, in fact, is the hallmark of the Night. While Dawns solve their problems through straightforward if creative violence, the Night are all about finding unusual and unpredictable solutions to problems that can’t be solved directly. That said, Solars are all about overcoming obstacles through sheer awesome, and the Night are no different. While their creative solutions often involve unconventional methods, their magic is still about throwing massive handfuls of dice at their enemies. Need to be subtle? Well, roll more dice on your “bein’ subtle” roll!

In the First Age, the Night were the spymasters, the ringleaders of organized crime, and the magistrates who kept their eyes on their fellow Solars. They were the silent shadows who slipped into the staterooms and bedchambers of the enemies of the Solar Deliberative and eliminated the problems quietly and finally.

In the Second Age, the Night are finding fertile ground in which to plant their seeds. Criminal empires thrive in every city in Creation, and the Night have little problem co-opting those organizations, either directly or indirectly. They make contacts in every corner of the globe, dealing in information and, often, life itself. Whether the noble firebrand who quietly whips an oppressed populace into revolt or the greedy assassin who murders noble and ignoble alike, the Night Caste has plenty of room to thrive.


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