Exalted – Solars (Eclipse Caste)

May 18, 2010

The fifth and final Caste of the Solar Exalted is the Eclipse. These are the ambassadors, the travellers, the explorers, the diplomats, and the linguists of the Solars. Their Caste Abilities are Bureaucracy, Linguistics, Ride, Sail, and Socialize. They can pilot any ship, ride any beast, speak any language, navigate any government, and blend into any court.

The best thing about Eclipses, however, is their anima power. Each Caste has its own anima power which, when used, gives them some sort of ability. I haven’t mentioned them before now, because, while the other anima powers are neat, they’re rarely central to a concept. They augment concepts, certainly, but they’re not central. The Eclipse, however, have the power to bind others into oaths that, if broken, bring doom and misfortune on the heads of the breakers (including, potentially, the Eclipse himself).

In the First Age, the Eclipse were the Caste that held the Solar Deliberative together. They ventured into the Wyld and the Underworld, making pacts with Fair Folk, demons, and ghosts alike, and negotiating truces between all these potentially hostile beings and Creation. They negotiated truces between warring Exalted as well, keeping Creation running smoothly. They reinforced existence itself through clever use of language, finance, and bargains struck with eldritch beings.

In the Second Age, the Eclipse are returning to a world in chaos, and they are thriving. Everywhere they turn, diplomats and ambassadors are desperately needed, so much so that many places are willing to overlook an Exalted’s nature to reap the benefits of his powers. Unscrupulous (or self-righteous) Eclipse can take advantage of this to forward their own goals. They have the power to bring the re-emerging Solars together and reform the Deliberative – or make something entirely new to guard the new face of Creation.


One comment

  1. with their powers and favored abilities these guys never really said “diplomancer” to me, feeling far more like they’re built as the warlock to the twilight’s wizard. I know it wasn’t what whitewolf intended but it’s what they made when they added charmshare to the mix.

    travel the world making pacts for strange and alien powers

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