Exalted – Sidereals (Overview)

May 18, 2010

The fourth type of Exalt (and the last of the original Exalted from the Primordial War) are the Sidereal Exalted. Sidereal is an astrological term, which is appropriate, as the Sidereals are the Chosen of the Maidens of Destiny, and they interact with the stars on a regular basis.

While there were three hundred Solars, three hundred Lunars, and more than ten thousand Dragon-Blooded, collectively, the Five Maidens only Exalted one hundred mortals to share amongst them, and these Sidereals came to be known as the Five-Score Fellowship. The Maidens insisted that only one hundred Sidereals would be necessary to maintain the Loom of Fate and the destinies of all the mortals in Creation. While they have not yet been technically proven wrong, the Sidereals are certainly the most harried of all the Exalted.

In the First Age, the Sidereals were the viziers and advisors to the Solar Deliberative, tempering the excellence and exuberance of that political body with the wisdom and foresight offered by their unique connection to the Loom. However, as the Solars grew more and more decadent, they ignored the advice of the Sidereals more and more. The Sidereals gathered to discuss their excesses, and together they cast what came to be known as the Great Prophecy. It returned three visions for Creation.

In the first, to be known as the Golden Fork, the Sidereals chose to work with the Solars, to guide them and curb the worst of their excesses. While this vision held the most risk, it also offered the highest potential yield in terms of Creation’s survival. The second, the Bronze Fork, the Sidereals roused the Dragon-Blooded to rebellion and overthrew the Solars. Creation was guaranteed to be diminished, but it was guaranteed to survive. In the final fork, the Sidereals did nothing. Creation was utterly destroyed by the Solars.

In the end, the Sidereals opted to murder the Solars and set the Dragon-Blooded in their place. This Usurpation sent the Lunars to the edges of Creation, saw the Solars’ Exaltations trapped for centuries, left the Terrestrials ruling Creation, and allowed the Sidereals to fade into the background, erasing all proof in Creation that they had ever existed.

Now, the Sidereals live in Yu-Shan, the heavenly home of the gods, where they have infiltrated every aspect of the Celestial Bureaucracy. They are pencil pushers, assassins, martial artists, sorcerers, advisors, guides, and spies throughout all the world, and still their presence is kept secret by ancient magics. Now, with the return of the Solars, they are divided. Some, the Gold Faction, believe they have a second chance to guide them, to make Creation the glorious world it should be. Others, the Bronze Faction, continue to use the Dragon-Blooded and the Wyld Hunt to destroy the returning Solars, intent on maintaining the path they have walked for centuries. But with resources dwindling and enemies on all sides of Creation, can either faction hope to save all that exists without sacrificing their principles in favor of cooperation?


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